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  1. Savageman69

    2014 Touareg TDI timing belt replacement

    well you'd have to install belts because it doesn't have any timing belts
  2. Savageman69

    I just had the oil changed and the dealer put 0-30w in

    5w40 was never approved for these engines...because no 5w40 is 507 the difference between 0w30 and 5w30 is little to nothing. This is not a issue at all
  3. Savageman69

    oil separator module CNRB

    oil in the inlet is normal. using half a liter in 600 kms is cause for concern and should show smoke with that kind of consumption. my cnrb has 189,000 on it and isnt using any oil even while towing
  4. Savageman69

    Code P0401

    agree they are bulletproof with things fall off
  5. Savageman69

    Got a CEL on a 2000 mile road trip

    lol thats terrible service, clearly emission issue and they dont want to do it, engine light doesnt come on and stay on for fun. there is a reason and a code stored. Unreal
  6. Savageman69

    MK6 seat swap (cloth to leather)

    i thought it would but didnt
  7. Savageman69

    Badgeskins (vinyl overlays)

    I recently donated my rline touareg 7p to badgeskins to use as a test to make overlays and size it up. Amazing people and products, if you want some let them know but im sure they will have the touareg stuff up on the website in short order BADGESKINS.COM - Badgeskins
  8. Savageman69

    MK6 seat swap (cloth to leather)

    i recently did this as my seat was giving error for occupancy sensor....replaced entire seat....and i cant get it to clear still..tried switching modules im lost
  9. Savageman69

    Burning Oil

    i think a liter every 5000 you should see that in the exhaust if its not leaking....the puff on start up is normal on all deleted diesel tdi. My 2012 has been tuned since has almost 300k and never needs oil between changes. its been stage 2 most of its life and lived stage 3 for some...
  10. Savageman69

    Diesel price...

    1.58 ipperwash reserve
  11. Savageman69

    Clutch and flywheel advice/recommendations

    id like to not run stock the dmf shudder is annoying.
  12. Savageman69

    Clutch and flywheel advice/recommendations

    i was under the impression it was clutch material that was causing issues with single mass...thats why bully uses different material
  13. Savageman69

    Clutch and flywheel advice/recommendations

    Building this 2011 jetta cjaa to be my daily, car drives nice seemed great then i took it got the exhaust deleted and then tuned it...well came home after the first drive to find a horrible rattling......under hood showed drivers side and simply pushing in the clutch makes it disappear so im...
  14. Savageman69

    14' TDi no code limp mode

    pre turbo egt sensor will cause fuel engine light but reduced power....ive had this took a while to figure it out
  15. Savageman69

    2013 VW Jetta TDI Tunes and Upgrades

    more than likely over oiled nothing to do with the product or intake itself actually....hell my brm beater car has a no name 7 dollar ebay filter for the last 140k kms and has almost 480k kms on it and has no issues runs amazing and gets great mpg. I just have yet to see any issues with any of...
  16. Savageman69

    2013 VW Jetta TDI Tunes and Upgrades

    i dont really buy the intake thing them on all my tdis...never had engine issues from it or maf first deleted 2011 jetta has had a apr intake since 100k kms....its now over 570k kms original maf and engine.
  17. Savageman69

    Any oil deals?

    i bought 3 jugs the other week...i see t6 all over
  18. Savageman69

    Any oil deals?

    you know walmart is 39 for t6 always not on sale
  19. Savageman69

    2014 T3 eats its brakes! Or does it?

    These are far from a 2000 beetle brake setup first off...second all of my jettas from 03..06..10...and 2 11s will go 130K to 180k kms on a set of brakes. If i went threw brakes in 25k miles id be looking at how im not driving correctly
  20. Savageman69

    Remote Start

    Not sure what your talking about almost all the touaregs built outside of north american ones have these..its a factory heater and they are amazing.