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  1. ApriliaNut

    Any widespread Turbo failures in 2015 A6 Jetta Sedans like in the NM Passats??

    Just curious, or since it's a totally new engine design for 2015 is the turbo a totally different [and hopefully improved!] design also? Thanks!
  2. ApriliaNut

    Hotter ambient temps cause regen to cycle more?

    I've had my NMS since early November and recently the outside temperature here in the lower desert have risen to the 90's, though \the last 2 days it's only been in the high 70s low 80s. When it was hotter I did notice the regen cycling more. Off hand I'd say 50% more often. Is this normal...
  3. ApriliaNut

    Water Wetter, VP Racing Fuels Cool Down additive, Rislone Hy-per Cool etc. etc.

    After reading testimonials for the above, and I'd say 95% were favorable with any where from a 10 to 20 degree reduction in coolant temperature, I was wondering if anybody here had any experience with these kind of products and if it was a good idea to use a cool down additive such as any of...
  4. ApriliaNut

    UR Not gonna believe this: 4 month new to me 2013 TDISEL for sale

    Selling b/c medical issue. Not being morbid but we all never know when it's our time do we? So I've decided to sell this to a deserving party and replace it with a 328i hardtop/convertible and enjoy life [not that I didn't beforehand!]!! Palm Springs California area. Tungsten Silver metallic...
  5. ApriliaNut

    "Normal" Operating Temperature?!?

    In my new to me 13 TDI SEL Premium CPO w/90k I hooked up my Ultragauge and was dismayed to see the operating temperature running between 215 & 219.2 degrees fahrenheit?!? Of course the temp gauge stays steady @ 12 o'clock high showing 180 degrees. It never got below 208 and even that was for a...
  6. ApriliaNut

    You're not going to believe this....BUT price reduced to $500

    So I'm sitting at an intersection on the way back to my office last Wednesday, and start to go in 1st and "poof" just dies on me! Try to restart and nothing, just turns over albeit with good battery power. I AAA flatbed it to my guru but he's so backed up with Phaetons, and Porsche's, and...
  7. ApriliaNut

    Ex Spoolin Jim's 06 Jetta TDI w/pkg 1 $2500 & worth every penny!

    Hate to do it but my bum left knee demands it as shifting is becoming less and less fun than Needs nothing. 232k Have all service records since my ownership in late 2016. TDI Cup suspension w/225/45 R 17 tires. Recent work done @ Top Notch Automotive in Palm Springs: new...
  8. ApriliaNut

    How do I edit script under my Avatar?

    In the dictionary under computer illiterate you'll find me. With this new platform [? is that the correct term?] I was able to fumble around and edit my signature but for the life of me I can't figure out how to edit undermy avatar. The mileage has certainly changed and I want it to be more...
  9. ApriliaNut

    Anyone have any personal experience with Liqui Moly Diesel Particulate Filter Protector?

    So in my due diligence regarding replacing my 06 Jetta with a NMS Passat TDI SEL Premium I discovered this product: I hold in high regard Liqui-Moly products but since my Jetta has no...
  10. ApriliaNut

    2014 SEL CPO -50k vs 2014 SEL 117kA

    Okay as the above states I'm looking @ both cars @ dealerships. As you can imagine there's a not insignificant $7k difference in price between the two. I know the "peace of mind" attributed to a CPO warranty means something, but then again, given that this will be my 5th diesel I'm not terribly...
  11. ApriliaNut

    Air Intake Plastics/PVC/whatever the term is

    Hey everyone....somehow these parts disappeared and I'd like to replace them from anyone who's parting out a MKV PD [don't know if the BRM is the same, but if so great!]. Click on the images to enlarge them! Found the snorkel down the street lol....At least what's left of it...
  12. ApriliaNut

    Cooling fans not cycling/three beeps???

    06 PD 222k ...just discovered Saturday [Thank you Ultra Gauge EM Plus!!!] high operating temp {222 deg] and found out fans aren't turning on. When I activate the A/C the smaller fan should turn on but it doesn't either. Stupid dash temp gauge just stood @190 deg which is why I purchased, and...
  13. ApriliaNut

    Best year Passat TDI to purchase & skinny on extended warranty on Buy Back Work Done

    Best year Passat TDI to purchase & skinny on extended warranty on Buy Back Work Done So I'm considering purchasing the above model and wondered which year was the "best". I'm kinda getting tired of rowing the gears all my life from the 60s on lol. Also, is the tranny in these things the DSG...
  14. ApriliaNut

    Lubri Moly 5w/30

    Found a TDI guru here in my area and started using the Lubri Moly [sp?] oil my last two oil changes. He states all the sleeper contingent swear by it for their modded rides with huge turbos and over stressed motors. Anybody else have any familiarity. I'll be doing an oil analysis with the...
  15. ApriliaNut

    EGR Monitor not running/no pending codes

    So my 06 Jetta will not pass smog. Check engine light was on with a P0672 "Cylinder #2 glow plug circuit open" Went to my friend who runs the smog shop and b4 he would charge me he said let's get rid of the check engine light first. So he hooked up his code reader and turned off the CEL...
  16. ApriliaNut

    Mercedes BluTec horror primer. Much useful info for TDI's too!! Any opinions on running motorcycle oil in our TDI's b/c of the low NOACK percentages?!?!?
  17. ApriliaNut

    Right side cooling fan (295 mm I thinik) wanted

    Just as the title says, my RS fan is toast lol! Found out when doing preventative maintenance oil change and had the tech check out the AC as here in the low desert we're expecting 115 by Sunday and afterwards LOL. So if anybody is parting out an 06 gimmie a PM. Or alternatively, what...
  18. ApriliaNut

    Any Amsoil vs the competition oil analysis info??

    Tried searching for threads/posts on the topic and didn't find anything, so I thought it would be a hoot to start a thread!! Anybody?
  19. ApriliaNut

    DeoxIT D5 closeout sale @ Radio Shack

    IN CASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW!! Just happened to be in a little strip mall that had a Radio Shack in it with a big banner "STORE CLOSING EVERYTHING ON SALE". So I putzzed inside to see what was left. Got the last can of D5 regularly $16.95 for $10.00 plus tax.. Cashier said all stores are closing...
  20. ApriliaNut

    Design & Function of Pump Duse 1.9 TDI engine

    Good Stuff Here!