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    Need a Cool White 2002 New Beetle Hood - yea the hood

    Looking for a "cool white" hood for a 2002 New Beetle, to replace original damaged by a big big tree branch falling right on top of it. Please PM thanks!
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    Quantity Adjuster Fault Code

    Hi folks, Vag-Com shows 1 fault code: 1791 - Quantity Adjuster Lower Limit Reached PA563-35-00 The timing shows: 2: 58 9: 105 fuel temp: 25c coolant temp: 88c Everything looks normal, except the following: Cold start valve: 2.8% (VagCom says should be 3-80%) Inj. Quant. via rpm: 28.6 (should...
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    ULSD in Pittsburgh and western PA

    If you guys know of some others, please post! Thanks! BP Monroeville, 10 miles east of Pittsburgh Yellow "ULSD <15 ppm sulfur" sticker Feb 8, 2006: $2.59/gal
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    ULSD (Oct 2006) and Distributor Pump Seals leaking

    Our NB TDI has been running for 4yrs and 35k miles on B100 and Low Sulfur Diesel, with no leaks at all. I kept a neat engine bay and a good eye for leaks because the original pump leaked and was replaced under warranty at 14k). Now, over the last month (Sept - Oct 2006), the wife has been...
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    Airbag code help - seat belt switch

    This is what I got: I cleared the code, but the light came back on the next day. I can of course check both front seatbelts, but before I get desperate, which side is "Left"? Also, where do you guys think this "switch" is located? Thanks!:)
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    Is Search really working?

    There must be some trick, because for a long time I just can't seem to get good searches on the forum. For example, today I search "591 seat belt switch airbag vag-com", and I get a list of 1,300 threads! That can't be right.:confused:
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    Biodiesel Conference, Sept 15-16, Chambersburgh, PA

    Hi folks! Here's the info on this biodiesel conference as posted on the PA Biodiesel Initiative section of the forum at It will be held on Friday and Saturday Sept. 15-16 at Wilson College in Chambersburgh, PA.
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    New M1 Delvac-1 5w40 "CI-4 Plus" smells different

    Hi folks, I hope this has not come up on this forum. I just got a case of Delvac from AVLube, after realizing that I may not find it in local stores in the Truck&SUV labeling anymore. In any case, I'v been using Delvac-1 going on 5 years now, and I've become familiar with its smell. Like an old...
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    Daimler to launch Smart car in US in 2008

    Looks like auto companies are looking for fuel efficiency to be a hot topic during 2008, perhaps due to the presidential elections. Or will it still be "the high price of oil"? A two-seater is a tough sell in the US, where most people do not live in an urban environment in which the child-caring...
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    Potential Philadelphia B20 pump looking for feedback!

    Here you go Philly, post your interest in biodiesel to see if we can get this B20 up and running! Reply to this post and email them: :)
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    Peak Diesel in Europe?

    Here's an interesting article that is anti-diesels! But still it is a good read and it does discuss the latest fuel efficient technologies for small vehicle spark ignition engines and the merits and possibilities for E85.
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    How do you bleed the clutch? Any tricks?

    The Bentley manual describes both the "manual" method (pumping the brake pedal) and the "pressure bleeder" method for bleeding the four brake lines. But in the same book Bentley only describes a "power bleeding" method for doing the clutch. In contrast, the Chilton manual does describe the...
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    How do you bleed the clutch? Any tricks?

    double post - please delete
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    Clutch pedal becoming a bit loose at 45k

    NB TDI 2002. Just recently the clutch pedal feels soft and looser than before. Car has 45 k miles. Could it be: 1) Brake fluid bleeding is due (it is 2 yrs, 25k, after the last one) 2) The wife has been driving the car every day for the past 6-7 months, and she tends to keep the clutch pedal...
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    Anyone with a Motive pump to bleed brakes?

    Hi there folks, Anyone around Pittsburgh or western PA have a vacuum pump to do the brakes on our NB TDI? I have Vag-Com and also the Pela oil Pump that I could bring and share for the day. I've never done brakes myself so I'm looking forward to doing it the right way, using Super Blue fluid...
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    For Sale: OEM Plastic Belly Pan/Skidplate for A4

    I'm looking to sell an underside OEM plastic belly pan for the A4 TDI, taken off our 2002 NB TDI last summer when I installed a big aluminum skid plate to replace it. It's intact, except for a small bump mark at the back end. It has egg box shaped sound deadening material on the inside. It's...
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    No response from sunroof dial. What do I check?

    Out of the blue, I could not open the sunroof this past weekend, and still can't. I turn the dial knob either way and nothing happens. Any basics to check? I used the sunroof the week before, I don't recall doing anything funny with it when I closed it.
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    New Beetle ventectomy "how to"

    New Beetle ventectomy \"how to\" I saved these instructions from a post by SwimmerDave, and it seems that due to the forum change I can't find the original post with search. So I'm posting it again. I just did it today, finally. Very easy. The hardest part on the NB, is getting the tail light...
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    Bosch report on biodiesel and fuel injection

    Here's a report I found thanks to google where Bosch engineers talk about their concerns about B100 biodiesel use in Germany and its correlation with increased warranty claims on diesel injection systems, not just distributor pumps like our NA TDI's, but PD and common rail systems as well...
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    A4 Vacuum hoses: size(s) and lenght?

    For those that may be thinking about upgrading the stock cloth-braided vacuum lines: 1) What size(s) (interior diameter) are the vacuum lines on the A4 TDI? 2) How much hose would be needed to replace the stock hoses with, say, high quality silicone replacements? 3) Would this be a...