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    FS: 1998 Town & Country TDI Conversion in Iowa

    I'm selling my ever-famous 1998 Chrysler Town & Country, aka "Frankendiesel" minivan. I started this project back in 2008 and it has been a great project. My time is valuable and I need to divert it to my family, so my project needs to move on to a new owner who will give it the attention it...
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    FS: 5-speed conversion kit from '00 Beetle in Iowa

    I have all the pieces available for an auto to 5-speed conversion for an ALH. Everything but the tranny that is. All parts come from a 2000 Beetle. Includes half shafts, mounts, shifter, shifter cables, starter, clutch, clutch pedal, clutch master & slave. $200. Thanks, Travis
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    Did I Thrash My Injection Pump?

    Lots of smoke, missing/chugging, no power. IP issue? 98 TDI in my Frankenvan has gone on the fritz. Here's the symptoms: Starts and idles like a champ, but anything above idle, it smokes like the USS Missouri and misses. OK, obviously getting excessive fuel. But how? Here's the clues...
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    Oil Pump Intermediate Shaft Pulley Coming Loose

    On my AHU, the oil pump intermediate shaft pulley has come loose twice on me. For reference, here is what I'm talking about: (Thanks to this thread over on for the pic.) I've torqued it at or above the torque spec (33 ft-lbs) each time, but after a few thousand miles, it...
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    Cedar Rapids, IA -> Dallas, TX

    First of all - we made it! Praises! Drove the Frankendiesel down to Dallas TX yesterday. Now to the details: 850 miles one way. We started off yesterday morning with air temp at about 45°F. Van ran great. First stop was Des Moines (2.5 hrs). Ate breakfast and as we were leaving the...
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    WTB: VNT-15 Actuator

    I need the vacuum actuator for the stock VNT-15 on a 2000 NB. I may be calling it the wrong name: It's the vacuum module that bolts to the side of the turbo and opens/closes the nozzles. Can't seem to find them anywhere for sale new....any recommendations on that, too? Edit: I found a...
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    WTR/Borrow: Alternator Pulley Tool

    I have a 2000 Beetle with a dead alternator clutch; does anyone have the tool to remove the pulley? I'd like to borrow/rent it if I could. Prefer the modified tool that you can do the swap in the car. Thanks! Travis
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    ALH Turbo Damage Assesment

    Hi all, My friends Beetle just inhaled a piece of debris and I wanted opinions on how long you think the turbo is going to last like this. I believe I identified the root cause - the air filter was very plugged and got deformed in the air box producing a large gap between the filter and the...
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    WTB: Power Steering Line Set

    I need a PS line set for a '98 TDI (AHU). All I really need is the banjo fitting on the pressure outlet of the pump (not the bolt - the banjo) and even if you have a newer or older chassis, or even a gasser that you *know* will fit, I'd take that too. Having the whole line set would be a...
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    TDI Town & Country

    For those who haven't caught wind of my project yet (code named Project Frankendiesel) I am swapping a '98 TDI drivetrain from a Jetta into a '98 Town & Country LXi. Some history - 2 years ago I put our Mercedes 300SD on veggie. My wife loved it. She could go all over the city on veggie and...
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    Wanted: Mark III TDI parts

    I need a pile of parts from a 1998 Mark III Jetta or equivalent: -Manual shifter & cables (including trim pieces) -Engine Wiring harness - need it all the way from the ECU, accel. pedal, OBD port, fusebox, to the engine connectors. -Accelerator pedal and potentiometer. Ideally, I'd like the...