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    Anyone schedule a UTAH buyback yet?

    My notarized offer was uploaded on 11/18 and I have not heard back yet. I was wondering if maybe some areas of the country have not started yet with scheduling buybacks as VW tries to mobilize their forces and get things up and running on an industrial level (not the once a week [in big...
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    For those who've ordered European cars

    For those who've ordered European cars (track your car) I was interested in trying to figure out where my Volvo is in its voyage to me and when I could expect it. I found this site And using it was able to figure...
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    Missing co-registrant on the portal? Have they reset your account? What happened?

    I am wondering if someone has actually had them "reset their account" on the portal if missing co-registrant. Did they have to start completely over at step 1? (the very initial registration we all did back in the summer) Or just start with step 13 (questions before upload of documents)? (what...
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    Volvo offering free 5/50k maintenance (and more warranty) for VW / Audi TDI owners

    Since I have a Volvo on order (not yet completed the transaction), I got an email offering an "Exclusive Offer for You" from Volvo. It lists all the 2.0 TDI vehicles from VW and Audi as eligible. "Complimentary Safe + Secure Coverage Plan is available for the lease or purchase of any 2016 or...
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    Interview with lead plaintiff council lawyer in the settlement case

    Interview with "Elizabeth Cabraser, the lead counsel for the Plaintiffs' Steering Committee in the Volkswagen emissions litigation."
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    2013 VW JSW TDI -- Code P00D5

    So I got this code a month or so ago (P00D5) in my 2013 JSW TDI around 43000 miles. I Googled it and the only threads were related to older flashes around 2011 or 2012 or so. After a few weeks I took it in and they said the rear O2 sensor needed to be replaced. With the "buyback" happening later...