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    Flexible Service Interval, revisited

    Information on the flexible service interval: Flexible Service Interval Folks! Please Read Flexible Service Interval Retrofit? Retailer who sells the sensor/pan combo: The 'correct' Vag-com settings: 42 (min distance): 15000 km 43 (max distance): 50,000 km 44 (max...
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    FS: EGR, EGR cooler, passenger motor mount, DMF

    For sale: EGR valve, flap removed, actuator still good, $10 + shipping still available EGR cooler: $20+shipping Passenger motor mounts, two of 'em, threads look OK, $20(each)+shipping Dual Mass Flywheel and used clutch, sachs, ~6000 kms, $60+shipping All parts are...
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    Another dead oil pan

    So where can one buy a steel oil pan? Here's what a good oil pan looks like: Here's what mine looks like: take one soft aluminum-alloy pan, add spring thaw, add a deep pothole buried in a puddle in the tire track right beside an upheaval in the center of the pavement, and one...
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    Justification for the "Oldman Intake"

    Justification for the \"Oldman Intake\" Here are some photos of the stock intake pipe that runs between the MAF and the turbo inlet. The photos aren't the best, but as you can easily see, there are lots of changes in diameter and lots of goofy bends and twists. For each clip on...
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    FS: Glow plug relay

    SOLD Thanks for watching... For sale: glow plug relay (#180) for TDI (pre 2002) vw part number 038 911 253. bosch number 0 281 003 014. Purchased for my ALH TDI Rabbit, not knowing that they changed the relay setup in 2002. I have 2 of them. Plugged in but never used. $75 USD each...
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    BMEP and gearing for economy

    Came across the BMEP chart from a different post, and I've been thinking. Looking at the BMEP with HP values: If I'm currently at 2750 rpm at ~100 kph on the highway (I have a totally different tranny mounted compared to the regular TDI), so let's assume it's taking 50hp to drive the car...
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    agressive driving and drive by wire

    We all know that the TDI is drive by wire. The 'throttle pedal' is a big potentiometer. Along with that, there is a switch on the clutch pedal and two on the brake pedal. The pedal switches tell the ECU when to kick off the cruise control, but also kill the power as a failsafe in the dbw...
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    FS: stock IC pipes, other misc A4 TDI parts

    For sale: -Stock TDI intercooler pipes, upper and lower -EGR plumbing -wiper relay -pass side motor mount offers, you pay shipping. All parts from a 2002 Jetta. I installed an ALH TDI into a Rabbit, this stuff came with the engine, I don't need it. Also have: -Stock...
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    TDI turbos on Ebay ending today

    End today: 038 253 019C and 038 253 019N They're both from Britain, both Garrett VNTs, but I'm not sure which TDI engine specifically. -Dave
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    hard to start

    My TDI has been hard to start. First of all, I know I have some glow plug problems, but I'm rigged with a manual override over the plugs so I can force them to operate. As for starting, push the button to operate the glow plugs, turn the key, engine turns over, sounds like it's firing, revs...
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    amount of fuel in fuel filter?

    The A4 cars are equipped with the thermostat "T" on the fuel line. My understanding is that for fuel temps below a certain temperature, fuel is returned to the filter. For temps above, fuel is returned to the tank. If this is true, how full should the filter be? If I'm out for a drive and the...
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    Troubleshooting the glow plug relay

    I have a recurring dtc: 17068 Unknown Error Code 35-00 which is actually: Glow Plug Control Module to PCM Circuit (J271) Range/Performance which I understand to be: "glow plug relay to ECU" So I was troubleshooting my relay last night, and no wonder my startup is a bit rough...
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    OBDII connector housing part number?

    Does anyone know the part number for the OBDII connector housing? Not the 16 pin connector, but the housing it snaps into. Here's the ETKA of the connector. -Dave
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    DTC 17068

    I'm getting this from my engine computer: 17068 Unknown Error Code 35-00 Anyone seen this code before? What is it? I assume the serious error codes are already listed in the VagCom database... -Dave
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    FS: 2002 TDI Intercooler

    For sale: 2002 TDI intercooler from a 2002 Jetta. ~2200 kms Didn't/wouldn't work for my project, so I have no use for it. First $150 (+ actual shipping) takes it. email: Some minor marks from banging around in the parts box. Closeup of dings:
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    Will North America be cheated again?

    From VWVortex and ultimately Audi, the new A3 will be available with: - 2.0-litre TDI, 103 kW (140 bhp), 320 Nm (236 ft-lb.) torque. New: four-valve cylinder head - 5- or 6-speed manual gearbox, alternatively 6-speed tiptronic - optional extra: direct shift gearbox DSG with twin clutches -...
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    SDS TDI?

    Food for thought: has anyone thought of approaching a company like SDS for an engine controller for a TDI engine? There are tons of reasons this is a good idea: -eliminate EGR completely -totally customizable injection maps Think of it as an infinitely adjustable chip upgrade. More boost...