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  1. PradoTDI

    ALH Dyno Run

    I had the opportunity to do a couple of dyno pulls with my ALH swapped Toyota LandCruiser LJ78. The engine is running DLC1019 injectors from Kerma, a GT1749va turbo, and a Malone Stage 4 tune. The engine made 136hp and 269ft-lbs at the rear wheels. I'm quite happy with the results, especially...
  2. PradoTDI

    BEW Hard Cold Starting - Stumped

    The car: 2004 Jetta Wagon, BEW, 5 speed, ~245k miles. The problem: Hard cold starts, lots of cranking with some bluish smoke at any temperature below about 40ºF. Car pretty much requires coolant heater to be plugged in below freezing. Some background: this is my parent's car, we have been...
  3. PradoTDI

    FOUND: Mk3 Jetta Hood

    Looking for a decent Mk3 Jetta hood in the MT/ID/WY area. White would be ideal, but any color would work as long as it is straight and rust free. Last piece of the reconstruction after contact with a bighorn ram!
  4. PradoTDI

    Ancient Timing Belt?

    This fall I helped my brother replace the timing belt on his new-to-him 2000 Jetta TDI. The car came with no maintenance history, a couple of questionable modifications and repairs and the filthiest engine bay I've ever worked in. Upon opening up the timing cover we noticed that the timing belt...
  5. PradoTDI

    BHW to BEW VNT-17 Compressor Housing Interchangeability

    Does anyone know if the compressor housing from a VNT-17 BEW turbo would fit on a GT1749va from a BHW? I have a 1749 on my ALH, but the compressor outlet is not in an ideal location and the 90º turn on the BEW compressor housing would be perfect.
  6. PradoTDI

    A3 Jetta Core Support Differences

    Last weekend I had an unfortunate incident with a Bighorn Ram, resulting in the need for a new passenger fender, hood, core support, headlight, radiator and AC condenser for my '97 Jetta TDI. Luckily I have a lot of parts left over from when I parted out my last '97 Jetta, but still need to find...
  7. PradoTDI

    Cleaning used injectors: ALH

    I recently purchased a set of stock, used ALH injectors that I plan to install in place of the 0.220 injectors I currently have while I sort out some other aspects of the drivetrain/engine hardware. My question is, what is the best way to clean them? Originally I had planned to install the...
  8. PradoTDI

    For Sale: BHW/AFN Exhaust Manifold

    Selling a BHW or AFN turbo manifold. I purchased this to relocate my turbo for an ALH swap project and ended up going a different route. A couple of the flanges are clearanced slightly, but not enough to affect the function of the manifold. Comes with the factory pyrometer probe. Asking $100...
  9. PradoTDI

    Misc MK3 Parts: Interior, Engine, Electrical, Body

    These are leftovers from my previous 1997 MK3 Jetta TDI that I parted out a couple of years ago. All parts are used but in serviceable condition; the car had around 245k miles on it. All items are located in Kalispell, MT, 59901. Make me an offer on all or part of it, I would like to see these gone.
  10. PradoTDI

    Cooling System Plumbing: What am I doing wrong?

    I have been daily driving my ALH swapped Toyota LJ78 for the past few months and the cooling system has been just fine, but recently I had to replace a couple of bypass caps, one of which is on the little nipple on the back of the cylinder head. I was informed that rather than being capped off...
  11. PradoTDI

    ALH Vacuum Pump Bolt Size

    Wondering if anyone happens to know the length of M8x1.25 bolt required for the lowest of the three vacuum pump bolts. I noticed an oil leak the other day and it turns out I am missing one of the vacuum pump bolts, causing the seal to leak slightly.
  12. PradoTDI

    Boost and/or Fueling Issues After 1019 Nozzles and Stage 4

    Hi all, New to tuning TDI's, I'm more used to old, mechanical Toyota diesels. A little background to my problems: I have a Toyota LandCruiser Prado with an ALH swap, initially I ran it with stock injectors, a GT1749VA from a BHW and a Malone Stage 1 tune. It ran 10-15psi, 850-950ºF pre-turbo...
  13. PradoTDI

    SOLD: 1997 AHU Engine/Transmission/Wiring

    SOLD A couple of years ago I parted out a '97 Jetta TDI, and have finally realized that I don't have the time to do another swap project, so I'm putting the drivetrain up for sale. I parted the car out due to rust and body damage, the engine ran strong with around 250k miles on it. The timing...
  14. PradoTDI

    Pulsing Turbo

    Hi all! Relatively new here, and definitely new to TDI tuning. I've got an ALH swapped Toyota LJ78 LandCruiser that is currently running a Malone Stage 1 tune and GT1749VA turbo from a BHW. According to Malone I should be getting 18psi with this setup, but right now I only ever see around 16psi...
  15. PradoTDI

    1997 Jetta won't glow/won't cold start

    Hi all, new here! I have a 1997 Jetta AHU with around 195k miles on it. I have an odd problem with the glow system or coolant temperature sensor. Under normal conditions the engine refuses to cold start (even on hot summer days), it just stutters and puffs huge clouds of white smoke. However, if...