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  1. NathanMSL

    Garage Sale, 2005 Golf TDI parts, 6spd stuff

    I've been hoarding this stuff for some reason, even though I don't have the car anymore. It's probably more laziness than anything. :D I'm not even sure what some of this stuff is anymore, so if I've mislabeled something please let me know. If you have an idea on what some of this stuff is...
  2. NathanMSL

    Q-loader $400

    -----SOLD!!!------ Qloader for sale. I don't have the car anymore so there is no need for me to have the qloader. $400 or best offer [/url][/IMG]
  3. NathanMSL

    Scangauge II, $130 shipped

    Like the title says I've got a Scangauge II for sale. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks $130 shipped in the lower 48
  4. NathanMSL

    VNT1749VA - Good used condition

    I have a VNT1749VA that I bought some time last year but never carried through with my plans. I bought it in good used condition and will sell it in the same condition. I honestly do not know the miles but there is little to no shaft play and everything appears to be in good condition. $275...
  5. NathanMSL

    WTB: Passat PD intake QUICK

    So, does anyone have an intake off a euro passat that they want to get rid of. Basically I'd need it within the week, or I'll have to stick with what I've got. I need the intake second from the bottom. Don't know if the NA intake has a detachable egr or not, but what's in the pic is what I need...
  6. NathanMSL

    What am I forgetting? More power

    I'm ramping up for TDIfest with some new upgrades and want to make sure I'm not fogetting the minutia. Upgrades that are going in 1. PD150 injectors 2. PD150 intake and race pipe 3. VNT20 and custom manifold 4. 3" MAF housing and GTI airbox 5. 3" turbo inlet pipe 6. Water/Methanol injection...
  7. NathanMSL

    Need a codriver on the way back

    Well it looks like my codriver won't be able to make the return trip from TDIfest with me. He has a business to run and can't afford to do a little sight seeing after the fest. So I'm looking for someone to share the drive back with me. Maybe you could fly into the fest and then see Niagra Falls...
  8. NathanMSL

    Just had my first inspection

    Of course I was sweating bullets since I took it to a place that had failed one of my other vehicles before. Well the guy asks me if it was a diesel when I pulled up, I said yes, and he said, "cool , those are easy". So he kicked the tires, turned the ecodes on and off, and basically made sure...
  9. NathanMSL

    BUILT 6 Speed gearbox

    Well the synchros in my 6 speed were starting to get weak. Second and third gear were grinding if I shifted to quickly. So I took the car over to Bartuning and we proceded to tear the gearbox apart. We decided not to chance rebuilding the gearbox with worn gears so second and third gear are...
  10. NathanMSL

    WTB: PD100 head in good condition

    I'm looking for a good condition cylinder head from a PD. Let me know what you have. It doesn't necessarily have to have injectors. Thanks Nathan engine code: BEW
  11. NathanMSL

    New Toys for my PD

    Well its official the ERF 6 speed needs new synchos. So while the tranny is open we're throwing this in :D :D Thats a peloquin. Sorry, but all I have is my cell phone camera. And for good measure a full set of VF engineering engine and tranny mounts. I'll let you know how...
  12. NathanMSL

    Group 9 Torque Restriction ????

    I'm posting this in the power enhancement section because this issue popped up after I received a new tune. In vagcom group 9 there is a torque restriction cell. The maximum number from numerous logs is 338 Nm, where the "driver intention torque" is set at 408 Nm. I was lead to believe that the...
  13. NathanMSL

    WTB: 2005 PD Oxygen sensor

    I need to see if it is my oxygen sensor that is holding back the fuel from my new tune. I could always go the dealer or impex to get one but they're $200. So if anyone has one laying around and wants to get rid of it let me know. Part # 06A 906 262 BK
  14. NathanMSL

    My take on the Provent Installation

    Well, what do you think. This is my installation of the Provent. I used a company called QuickParts to have my bracket made, and Mike Staley over at Bartuning helped me with the plumbing.
  15. NathanMSL

    Upgraded the brakes, now problems

    Well the problems don't come from the new brakes exactly. I ran through a massive pothole and cut one of my brake lines in the process. It jumped and got caught on a retention clip. Ok so at that point I had no brakes :( . Can we say parking brake at the next light? Ok so we replaced the...
  16. NathanMSL

    WTB your stock manual injectors

    We have a 2000 auto Golf and want to swap in the manual injectors. If youv'e done an upgrade and want to recoup a little money then let me know.
  17. NathanMSL

    WTB: Good 11mm ALH Injection Pump

    EDIT: We found a pump through a nice backhanded deal at the dealer, $788. Well, we have a 2000 Golf TDI automatic that needs an injection pump. I know that they are few and far between, but I thought I'd ask anyway. More than likely we'll have to get one from Kerma. Give Mike Staley a...
  18. NathanMSL

    Weird electrical gremlin

    Driving home yesterday, after getting the car from the body shop, I turned the high beams on and the car went nuts. The headlights turned off, the flashers didn't work, the wipers started going. To get the wipers to turn off I have to turn the headlights to running lights. The wiper stalk does...
  19. NathanMSL

    Free Jarama 15's with Purchase of NEW Tires

    Ok, these need to be gone. These are the factory wheels off of my 05 Golf. They are called Jaramas. I purchased new Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S tires thinking I was going to go back to these wheels. Well I didn't. I put 600 miles on the tires, so the little nubbins are still there. I'm selling the...
  20. NathanMSL

    RC2 PD Dyno results - baseling before new 3" exhaust

    I went to the dyno yesterday, (Dynojet). The graph they printed out didn't scan very well so I'll just tell you the numbers. This is the average of three pulls. Wheel HP = 147 hp Wheel Torque = 250 ft/lbs On Friday I'll be having a custom 3" downpipe and straight exhaust built for me. After...