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  1. CGDoig

    MK4 TDI Manual Trans. Engine Starter

    Where are you located?
  2. CGDoig

    ALH Race Pipe and EGR Block off Plate

    I know it may be a stupid question and I did search. Do you know if this would fit a BRM manifold?
  3. CGDoig

    Help Diagnosing Clutch Issue

    Update if this ever get searched with similar symptoms. Turns out it was in fact the pressure plate.
  4. CGDoig

    Help Diagnosing Clutch Issue

    Thanks guys, ordering a pressure plate from Dave at south bend, who's been great btw. Should arrive sometime over the holidays. I'll update when I get it installed.
  5. CGDoig

    Help Diagnosing Clutch Issue

    Would the broken pivot retaining spring cause this to happen? I feel like the arm and bearing not having that pivot point would be enough to cause a no release situation. Anyone else agree?
  6. CGDoig

    Help Diagnosing Clutch Issue

    The picture of the pressure plate above shows the fingers bent a little and out of place. Pulled the plate off and layed on a straight edge and they are all proper and true. Maybe something is putting pressure on it from behind the wrong way in one spot? I've been in contact with south bend now...
  7. CGDoig

    Help Diagnosing Clutch Issue

    Try that. Should just be links to the photos. No idea why I'm having such trouble linking these pictures
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    Help Diagnosing Clutch Issue

    Well I took the plunge and pulled the transmission. After a couple more trys at bleeding and other things I figured why not. Found a broken spring on the bottom of the fork or "arm", and a couple bent fingers on the pressure plate, although those may have been me being a little rough with the...
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  12. CGDoig

    Help Diagnosing Clutch Issue

    Update. I pulled the cylinder out and clamped it. My wife did the pedal because the first time I damn near shot it across the garage. She said pedal feel was normal, not stiff. Not sure but I'm thinking I might bleed the system here and see if something comes of that first.
  13. CGDoig

    Help Diagnosing Clutch Issue

    Thanks guys. There's currently half a foot of snow on the hood in front of the house. I'll have to let it dry a little and try and push start it to get her in the garage before looking. I'll update with what I find when I get there though.
  14. CGDoig

    Help Diagnosing Clutch Issue

    Hey guys, been a loooong time. I guess it's not a bad thing considering the car has been so bullet proof the last couple of years. Today I was driving on the highway, shifted from 4th to 5th like any other time, as I was letting the pedal go I felt a sort of ping through the pedal, I knew right...
  15. CGDoig

    FS: BEW TDI Metalnerd Tool Package for Mark IV 99-05

    Awww man, my old stomping grounds. I'd be interested in just the timing belt tools as I have the rest already.
  16. CGDoig

    99.5 Golf TDI Partout, Stage 5 Malone [Comox, BC (Close to Vancouver)]

    Ugh I should really check the club more often these days. My parents live in Black Creek, would have been perfect for some of the other stuff. Good luck selling that hitch, I have the Bosal and love it. The westfalia has more options no? Edit: Should change your thread title so it's just the...
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    PARTING OUT: MK4 Jetta mods and goodies!

    How many KMs on that turbo?
  18. CGDoig

    PARTING OUT: MK4 Jetta mods and goodies!

    USD or Canadian monies?
  19. CGDoig

    What did you do to your car today?

    Replaced rear brake calipers @ 300k kms. The pads still have tonnes of life left and are only the 3rd set since new. Not too shabby.
  20. CGDoig

    Show what you tow!

    I was scrolling through and I realized I haven't actually posted a tow picture since getting the hitch all done up and wired. I ended up putting brakes on the Boler before the season last year as well. Tows like a dream. Not sure on total loaded weight but we made it all over Alberta without a...