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    PSA: Reset oil change interval after Phase II oil change

    Although my Passat had an oil change as part of the Phase II fix a few thousand miles ago, my car recently notified me that an oil change is required. I confirmed that a change had been done, but it seems they did not reset the oil change interval reminder at the time. So now I will have to...
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    Rear Center Seat-back Swap

    My 2013 Passat has a nice little storage compartment built into the rear center seat, that you can access when you fold the seat back down to use the cup holders. My 2015 Passat has the folding seat back and cup holders, but there's no storage compartment any more. Since I like to keep some...
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    Anyone recently choose to sell back?

    If so, how long does it take from the time you pull the trigger to the time you drive onto the dealer lot? Any chance I could decide today and have it done within the next two weeks?
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    Recommended layup procedure?

    I'll be away for about 10 months, so I'm thinking about laying up my Passat while I'm gone. I can find some tips online that are fairly generic (chalks, instead of parking break; preferable to put on jack stands; keep rodents away; change oil before storing; etc.). The only diesel-specific...
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    Tailpipe soot

    How much soot is normal/acceptable in our Passats? I read a thread in the emissions forum that was mostly about soot on 2010s being an indicator of a big problem. Is it okay to have some soot in the tailpipes of our 2012+ models? Mine is somewhat sooty at 35k miles. Like, enough to dirty a...
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    Glow plug delay?

    Here's my bonehead question of the month (in that this is probably something I should already know, but don't): What is normal glow plug delay on our Passats? Meaning, at roughly what temperatures does there begin to be a delay at all before starting, and how long is the delay? Having gone...
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    Painted calipers?

    Anyone have pics of their Passat with painted calipers? I was thinking they might look cool. Considering yellow, though I most often spot red on the highway on other cars.
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    Passat SE Gasser vs. TDI comparison

    The service dept. got backed up at my 20k service yesterday so gave me a loaner overnight. Turned out they gave me the exact same car I own (same year, model, and even essentially the same mileage) EXCEPT that mine's a TDI and they loaned me a gasser. Although I was mostly impressed that the...
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    Clunk in trunk lid and bad compass = same problem

    Just had my 20k service done and mentioned two issues: 1) I heard a clunking sound when opening or closing the trunk lid, like something was loose inside; 2) my compass was usually not correct. As it turns out, they were the same problem: the compass is inside the trunk lid, and was loose on...
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    Electric vs Gas vs Diesel Emissions

    In another thread someone asked why electric cars are considered better for the environment when the electricity is mostly produced by burning fossil fuels at a power plant somewhere. That made me run a quick back-of-the-envelope calculation showing electrics are better for emissions, but not...
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    What's a Malone Tune?

    It seems like half the people on here have done a "Malone Tune," but this TDI Noob has no idea what that means... Is there a good discussion somewhere that already addresses the costs/benefits and why someone may or may not want a Malone Tune? I did a search, but the phrase is used in so many...
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    Window auto-up not working right... factory defect or tint shop mistake?

    So after having my windows tinted the other week, I ran all of my windows down/up this weekend to make sure there were no problems with the film. I hadn't even realized until testing that the rear windows had the auto-up/down feature (press switch for a second and it goes all the way up/down)...
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    Okay to sit at light with clutch depressed?

    I read a comment somewhere about overheating a clutch bearing by coasting with the clutch depressed... Does the same apply while stopped at a light? Without understanding the mechanics involved, I'm just wondering whether it matters if I drop into neutral at a light or sit with the clutch...
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    Alignment not covered in warranty?

    So I had my 10k maintenance on Thursday, and the dealership said I need an alignment (negative total toe in rear). I said, "you'll do that under the bumper-to-bumper, right?" and they said that an alignment is not covered... Am I wrong to be really frustrated that a ~$25k new car needs an...
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    Compass problems?

    Anyone else have problems with their compass? Mine seems fairly random (i.e. not consistently off by the same degree/direction; sometimes correct and mostly incorrect). Any ideas on what the problem could be? I tried messing with the zone, but that didn't make any noticeable difference. I...