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    WTB MK4 front lower seat cushion

    Needing a lower seat cushion for the driver's seat. Can't seem to locate any locally in decent shape.
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    Master Cylinder I think.....

    I have had issues recently where my clutch pedal has no resistance, sinks to the floor and cannot get it into gear. Sometimes it comes back after a few minutes. Brakes seem fine and the clutch isn't slipping at all. Fluid level is fine and I can't find find any leaks. I'm thinking it's the...
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    Peculiar Driver's Door Issue

    Ok. After my car has been sitting locked overnight and I unlock the doors, I cannot open the driver's side door from the outside. I have to open it from the inside. Once I do I can lock and unlock it and I can open it from the from the outside. Let it sit a while and it won't open from the...
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    Speaker Replacement help

    Decided to replace the woofers in my Golf due to age. Wasn't planning to do anything with the tweeters. Now I'm a bit confused. There are four wires leading into the existing speaker. Black White Red and Green Brown and Green I'm assuming the ones with green are my speaker inputs. Can...
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    Seat Question

    I have a 2003 2 door Golf with cloth seats. They are really in pretty good shape. I have no complaints. Yesterday I was at the pick a part and run across a 2001 Jetta with near perfect leather seats. I know the seats are different in the golf with being able to access the back. I just can't...
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    WTB Metalnerd tools

    Timing Belt tools for an ALH engine
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    Timing Belt Decision in North Carolina

    I need to replace my Timing Belt in the near future in my 2003 Golf TDI. I got it a couple years ago and the timing belt only has 30k miles on it. Got to looking at the original owners receipts and was a little shocked when I read the date for the change. 2/17/2014!! I knew it would be high...
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    04 Jetta

    I just happened to run across this... Certainly don't know the owner or the car. Just thought it might be of interest to someone. EDIT: I probably should have posted this elsewhere.... Sorry about that
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    WTB MK4 Golf 2 Dr Roof Rack

    Thinking about putting a Roof Basket on my Golf. Hoping to find an OEM Roof Rack.
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    Is this the Slave Cylinder?

    I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I have a 2003 Golf with a 5 speed. Last Summer I had an issue when I was driving that I had next to no clutch petal and couldn't get it in gear. I pulled over, turned it off, put it in gear and was able to restart it. Shifting was hard and...
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    Is it my Alternator?

    I have been chasing a battery drain on my 2003 Golf TDI. The only drain I can seem to find is 0.7 mV across fuse S177, which if I calculated correctly is around a 2 amp draw. I did a diode test on the alternator and it shows there isn't a diode problem. However, if I disconnect the power cable...
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    Help with fuse location

    Good Morning, I picked up a 06' Jetta TDI just recently. The rear defroster is not working. I thought I would start with checking the fuse. From the information or misinformation that I have found the fuse for the rear window defroster is in slot 25. Can anyone confirm that? My slot 25 is...
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    Hesitation after Initial Start

    Hello All, I recently purchased an 06 Jetta TDI with a 5 speed. This is my first experience with a diesel of any kind. In the last couple of days I have noticed a hesitation on the initial acceleration in first gear. It bogs down and then after letting up on the accelerator and then pressing...