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  1. Nuje

    Investigating Diesel Smell

    Wow - that's shocking. I've worked on probably 1/100th (if not fewer) the number of ALH cars as @oilhammer, and I've come across it twice, so figured it wasn't a rarity.
  2. Nuje

    Investigating Diesel Smell

    Just throwing out cheap/free things to consider: A crack in the hard EGR pipe near the firewall, while not "diesel" smell" definitely does smell (exhaust...with diesel overtures and undertones) only when running, is often hard to notice/see...and results in low power. (BEW hard pipe shown...
  3. Nuje

    Mushy brake frustration

    Just throwing out ideas (given that the possible culprits you posit are, while no impossible, at least somewhat unusual).... Do you know anyone else with the same car - or at least same generation as your car? Could it be that your recollection of "before" is mis-calibrated? While it feels...
  4. Nuje

    Mushy brake frustration

    What pressure did you have the pressure bleeder at? I'm not sure on the Mk6, but on the Mk7, the manual says pressure needs to be at 2bar (just under 30psi)...which is a lot. Sounds like you have the procedure nailed down. Only things I'll add: 1. After doing the VCDS procedure, wait a few...
  5. Nuje

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Chasing a boost leak in a friend's BEW. Let's take a look at the suspects... (putty knife added for illustrative purposes)
  6. Nuje

    How long/much can I drive with P205B?

    Can't help you with the question, but I'll just say that the good-looking-ness of that car would last exactly zero km here before some road imperfection doinked it up. Looks great (but needs some HID or LED headlights if you're make it look that sharp. ;) )
  7. Nuje

    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    I'm a lot more into the "quiet and comfortable" car demographic at this point, but damn....did I just spend 15minutes looking for parts on ebay...?
  8. Nuje

    Anyone put a hitch on MK7 SW?

    What's the number on that Tekonsha "pulse" kit? Thinking of getting that for my wife's MQB Audi that it'd be a quick install if we ever decide / need it on that car.
  9. Nuje

    Intermittent no lights

    To the original poster, please use the "<code> </code>" (no quotation marks) tags around your VCDS printout; it'll still all be there (99% of which, it's true, is probably irrelevant), but at least it won't take up multiple screens worth of scrolling to get through.
  10. Nuje

    New MK4 owner - 2005 Jetta Wagon

    Last I checked with Malone, you can buy Stage (whatever) and then add all of the tunes below that to the cart for no additional charge. So - buy Stage 4 for $350(?); get Stage 1,2,3 added for $0 extra.
  11. Nuje

    Electrical/Alternator Problems?

    I remember having the issue with the clock on my instrument cluster resetting itself...damned if I can remember what the fix was. was the instrument cluster - I hadn't seated one of the connectors properly (?). That would kind of follow with what you're experiencing -...
  12. Nuje

    Review of plug and play LED upgrades: low beam (LasFit H7 G2 Pro) and High Beam (LasFit VW-01)

    Assuming they're not spraying light all over like cheapie LEDs will (and at $150/pr, I'd hope not), that 6K color temp would be a deal-breaker for me. At night on wet roads, 6K is just terrible - can barely see anything. Dry concrete road surface in Los Angeles, I'm sure they'd be awesome - but...
  13. Nuje

    Calculating compaing vw gas to vw diesel

    Previous (gas) car....that's going back a while. It was our Mk3 Golf 2.0L - 10L/100km in town; never better than 7L/100km on the highway. But my point wasn't trying to prove the price-value of a TDI, but rather that comparing different cars / fuel prices with L/100km is pretty straightforward...
  14. Nuje

    Calculating compaing vw gas to vw diesel

    Litres per 100km is actually a MUCH easier way to compare fuel costs on vehicles. My TDI gets 5L/100km; previous gas car average was 8.5L/100km In 10,000km - 500L of diesel vs 850L of gas. Diesel currently at $2.10/L; gas currently at $1.80/L 500 x $2.10/L = $1050 of diesel vs 850x$1.80 =...
  15. Nuje

    Shim Headlights

    Oh - they're nothing special. They're not threaded bolts, but more like the fender liner screws. I just looked at the stock headlight screws and then dug through the screw bin until I found something similar; went with stainless steel wood screw with Phillips head and a washer. It's worked for...
  16. Nuje

    MK4 Power Steering Leaking from Hard Lines

    Haha! I hate playing that "it'll take me 10minutes to move stuff to get to [whatever]; but if I can just grab it with this tool...nope that didn't quite do it; how abou.......nope; what do I have in the garage that's kinda shaped like...nope; hmmm....maybe if I put this on that, but grind it...
  17. Nuje

    Shim Headlights

    If you need to lift the beam, I've used just some ¼" acrylic cut in 1" squares with hole drilled for (longer) mounting screw. Helping someone else recently, though, the idea struck me to maybe try some cork - wine bottle might be a little too small, but something around 1" diameter from a hobby...
  18. Nuje

    Anyone put a hitch on MK7 SW?

    Note that there's a controller (BCM) that sits between power (battery) and any accessory. And those things "talk" to each other. If the BCM doesn't see resistance (in this case, a bulb) in the circuit, it cuts power (some or all - I don't know). And like @740GLE says, reduced power at the tail...
  19. Nuje

    2015 Golf TDI ( oil use )

    What exactly do you mean by that? Like, a person can run it a litre below the "low" mark and still be OK?
  20. Nuje

    FS 2012 VW Golf TDI + tech pkg

    Might try posting this in the Cars For Sale sub-forum; this one is more for parts.