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  1. CGDoig

    Help Diagnosing Clutch Issue

    Hey guys, been a loooong time. I guess it's not a bad thing considering the car has been so bullet proof the last couple of years. Today I was driving on the highway, shifted from 4th to 5th like any other time, as I was letting the pedal go I felt a sort of ping through the pedal, I knew right...
  2. CGDoig

    Max Load on the X75 Terminal?

    Anyone know what the max allowable load direct to the X75 Terminal is? I wired my trailer lighting supply to it as well as my brake controller. I'll have to look up current draw specs on both bit I'm curious to see if I should just wire direct to battery. My batteries positive terminal is...
  3. CGDoig

    Time to beat a dead horse. GTB selection for BEW.

    Alright guys, last one I swear. I'm delving into the thought of replacing my current 17/22 for something with more flow and less EGT. I'm planning on towing a small trailer as well so keep that in mind as well. With my current set up the car is solid, drives well spools nice and quick. But on...
  4. CGDoig

    Feeler: 17/22 (BEW) --- 2.5" Stainless Downpipe

    Hey guys, more of a feeler for now but will become serious if the offer to buy is there. Planning on towing a small trailer so an upsize to my turbo is coming down the pipe to tackle those EGTs in the mountains. Currently the 17/22 has approx 80k miles on it. Have had an EGT gauge since day...
  5. CGDoig

    Another MKIV hitch question

    Planning on buying a boler to tow behind my Jetta. I've done lot of reading with no definitive answers as to "the best" solution as there are variables to what people tow. Boler generalized weight is 1000lbs dry but for loaded and age rate let's say 1500. Generally classified they recommend a...
  6. CGDoig

    BEW Head studs / head bolts. Needed?

    Alright another question so I can cover my bases in the future to come here. I've decided on purchasing a darkside 2260 kit to throw at the BEW. My worry is with the added potential boost is it suggested to upgrade the head studs and head bolts? I've done a lot of reading on the subject but...
  7. CGDoig

    WTB: Darkside Turbo Kit

    I know it's a long shot but I'm looking for a Darkside performance turbo kit, preferably a 1756 but 2056 would be fine too to broaden the search. Shipping would be to Canada. Let me know what you got.
  8. CGDoig

    BEW W\ 17/22. Water meth question

    Mods in sig, EGTs are through the roof in the summer time and I'm considering an ultralight trailer for camping. 1000lb dry weight. I'm concerned about mountain driving through BC. EGTs are pretty high with a loaded car already. How much of a lower am I potentially looking at if I go the water...
  9. CGDoig

    Converting "smart" actuator back?

    Hey guys, my daughter's turbo popped today, and I have the opportunity to purchase a darkside kit locally for my own car. Being that my 17/22 is for a BEW I'm wondering if you can convert it backwards to a regular vacuum actuator for the ALH. Thanks.
  10. CGDoig

    WTB: VNT-17 turbo

    Hey guys, my daughter's turbo decided to pop today on her ALH. Wondering if anyone's got one laying around they feel like parting with? I'm located in Canada so obviously shipping would have to be dealt with as well. Let me know what you got!
  11. CGDoig

    Looking For a Compressor Outlet Extender

    Hey guys! Long time no post. Well I'm in need of some advice on locating a part. Google has left me high and dry on this one. It's the extender for the compressor outlet, more specifically to fit a 17/22. If anyone has any info on where to locate something like this it would be greatly...
  12. CGDoig

    BEW 17/22 Turbo Troubles

    Hey guys, been a while since I've posted on here and now I'm in need of some assistance again. A friend of mine recently purchased a 17/22 to install in his 05 Golf. I'll make a list of current mods and the current issue, I'm at a loss now as to what the problem is. 17/22 w/ 3bar sensor...
  13. CGDoig

    Flashzilla Timeout?

    Geobmx4life recently bought a flashzilla from a member. He sent it to Mark to get the original tune removed and reset it. Today we are trying to get it to connect to the car and the alligator pops up for a millisecond and the screen goes blank. Also when connecting to the flashzilla software...
  14. CGDoig

    Driving after turbo before tune?

    Hey guys quick question. Friend of mine is installing his 17/22 tomorrow. When I did mine I had a tune ready to go so I have no idea what's allowed haha. Wondering how you can drive the car after installation before a updated tune. Car is currently on unitronic stage 1 for the stock kp turbo. I...
  15. CGDoig

    Chris' (blizzard60) Wagon back up for sale...

    No affiliation, just know its sort of a unicorn over here. Lots of us have seen the car in person. Worth every penny. Just popped up as a "feeler" on our local forum.
  16. CGDoig

    High Altitude Boost and EGT ??

    Today a bunch of us went for a cruise through the mountains for kind of a season end. When we got into the higher altitudes my EGT gauge started going haywire. It was bouncing around from 800 to 1400, then down to 300, then nothing, then back up again. Also I seemed to be able to control it with...
  17. CGDoig

    Where to buy VAG-TACHO?

    I've searched but it just comes up with a PDF usage file. Anyone sell them any more? I'd like to pull my skc and possibly adapt a new cluster. Thanks.
  18. CGDoig

    Key fobs stopped working?

    Hey guys, looking for some help here. My key fob stopped working a couple days ago. No remote use at all, the red LED still flashes, and I've tried using my second fob as well with no luck.Checked all related fuses, I went through the standard re-coding with the key in the door and ignition...
  19. CGDoig

    ALH or BEW into a mk1, anyone?

    Has anyone done it? What would be involved for a rough idea. Would I need to weld anything? I just bought a cabby so it's an idea.