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  1. 20IndigoBlue02

    Who works in Anoka?

    At Vista Outdoors, that parks by the Clubhose, with a MK4 Jetta TDI with a lifted suspension?
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    40 months in prison A federal judge in Detroit sentenced former engineer James Liang to 40 months in prison on Friday for his role in Volkswagen AG's multiyear scheme to sell diesel cars...
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    Dieselgate: The GM version
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    Cargo Net idea for JSW's

    Here's a quick adaptation of a cargo net originally used for bicycling. May be handy for other people to consider Using:
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    HD diesel emissions.... some scary stuff

    I was talking to a person that did (recently laid off) research on Diesel Exhaust emissions at West Virginia University.... with all the improvements of the atomization of the diesel, reduction of the sulfur in the fuel, to exhaust treatments.... the big PM improvements are seen. The scary...
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    Nexen Winguard Sport review

    I got these from hevster1. Sure, I wanted a Nokian Hakkapeliitta R... but my wallet couldn't justify it. So I tried the cheap route... and wanted a performance winter tire also... (the cheapest route would have meant I stayed with all-season)... but since I got them late... I did go through...
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    Thule K-Summit (Vs. Spikes Spider Sport)

    Now that I tried it tonight.... Caveat... my B6 Passat is no where as good in the snow as my old MKIV.... + Super Easy to install (once you do the initial setup in your cubicle) - Can't climb the toughest hill to get to my house (AWD cars were having trouble today also).... Compared to Spikes...
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    Nexen Winguard Sport

    initial impressions of these performance winter tires (V-rated rubber). got me throw a couple of inches of snow just fine today. Seemed to handle slush fine, cornering in those places, no real drama.... when a SUV spun out in front of me, emergency braking was fine. The ultimate test...
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    Euro B6 Passat 2.0 TDI 140 chain wear Can anyone translate polish?
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    2011 Climatic....

    Noticed at the dealership (buying replacement center caps), they has a JSW, granted, it was an "S" gasser model, but.... the window sticker says it has Climatic.... but when you get inside, it's a fully manual system now (no temperature markings for the temperature dial). Running change for...
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    possible idea to make suspension install easier

    Inspired by my old toyotas.... some grade 10.9 bolts (same length as the factory one), nylok nut... do a test fit, then if it works...(I don't see any reason why it should not), secure the bolt to the mount with red loctite.... assembly the strut assembly and install!!!
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    NAPA has 505.01

    Long story: Read the thread below: Amsoil in this thread only
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    2008 Euro Biodiesel statement

    not sure if it's been posted... Biodiesel statement 15 December 2008 Standard forecourt fuel (BS EN590): approved Legislation introduced on 15 April 2008 insists that fuel suppliers must use at least 2.5 per cent biofuel in...
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    FS: Sharkfin Antenna w/ adapter

    FS: Sharkfin AM/FM antenna for MKIV's with adapter. Dug out of my garage, never installed. asking $50 shipped
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    VOA: Total Quartz Ineo 504/507

    Had some leftover Total Quartz Ineo 504/507, so I decided to get a VOA for you guys. My 2.0T FSI engine burns so much 5w30 oil, it's not funny. (edit: uploaded to the pic server--so the pic is from the server)
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    Renewable Lubes Inc BioSyn 5w40 There was a thread were some people were looking at it last year, but nothing much since. the Biosyn 5w40 formula was funded by a RS4 owner who's tired of under- achieving VW specification oils... The base of the oil is High Oleic Base Stock (HOBS), made from...
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    FS: ARP #251-4701 Head bolts

    unpacking my boxes... are I still have a box of ARP head bolts, never opened. $100 or best offer. P.S. Discussion about the head bolts are in the thread below SOLD, paid for, & shipped
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    Who bought my totalled car???

    If some of you seen my totalled thread, ....months later, actually a few weeks ago, I get a phone call, from a person from Florida, whom purchased my old car from an auction and plans on rebuilding it. The person had a thick "Eastern European"...
  19. 20IndigoBlue02 knows best and nothing else on OCI....

    Here's a nice one for the crowd. ABIMELECH is a "VW Technician" with 9 years of experience AND has a website, , therefore he considers himself to be the unquestionable lord of the universe when it comes to maintenance...
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    Rumors of 50-state legal TDI oil requirements???

    an interesting subject... of mostly speculation until more info concrete is available. Anyway... at the NY Autoshow, I was talking to this Audi rep from Europe (he was dropping a lot of F-bombs).... anyway, according to word of mouth, it looks like 505.01 :eek: (instead of 504/507) will be the...