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  1. traxterXT

    constant 6 Volt at the AC compressor clutch

    I'v been working at this car now for 4 days and looked every where on the internet for answer and found nothing that leaded to a solution At first only the small fan worked on low speed. so I replaced the 2 fans and that got them working on both speeds, I redid the ground since it add a 35 ohms...
  2. traxterXT

    MK3 tubo failure... time to upgrade

    Oh well the K03 starting to ask for retirement so it is retired now and went to roch cyr and got a KKK K14 turbo. that turbo has not seen a AHU tdi here but well known in europe. we will try to get some dyno result eventually. the car has smog .216 and evrymod. the setup is made of a mk3 TD...
  3. traxterXT

    LF: MK3 td (not tdi) turbo oil lines and manifold

    LF: MK3 td (not tdi) turbo oil lines and manifold
  4. traxterXT

    My First litre of homebrew B100

    I got some spare time last week-end and I Decided I wanted to do B100 from my deep fryer. here's a link to my website with all the picture of the process of making the biodiesel and a short video of the engine running. The B100 was tested in my Diesel Presure Washer...
  5. traxterXT

    Probleme de body apres un accident

    1.5 ans passer j'ai eu un accident avec ma jetta 2005 TDI qui étais vielle de 1.5 ans. la semaine passer je regarde la voiture pis je vois quelque chose de bizare....on ben maudit ya pus de peinture sur 20 pouces sur le rocker panel qui on remplacer et peinturer. donc la j'ai fais une pageweb...
  6. traxterXT

    I'm so p*** off at the body shop

    A year and 5 month ago i had an accident with my 05 Jetta TDI (the car was 1.5 years old at the time) the car was repaired by Bytek VW in ottawa since they Are "OTTAWA'S ONLY VW FACTORY AUTHORIZED COLLISION REPAIR SHOP" and for some that knows me knows a bit of the story. I created a...
  7. traxterXT

    PD150 rings on ALH pistons??

    Doe's anyone knows if the PD150 rings will fit on ALH(VE90) pistons.
  8. traxterXT

    Boost problem with 05 jetta PD

    Tonight i was coming back from work and notice some weird boost patern with the cruise control at 65mph the boost was flatuating between 9-15psi and usaly it between 5-10psi. I let go the gas on the off ramp and downshifting the boost goes up to 10 psi in compression of the ramp i floor the car...
  9. traxterXT

    FS-2500 for TDI's

    I called Filtration Solutions World Wide to know how much their by-pass filter cost and he told me that they are testing it on a TDI and they should have a kit ready to ship in 2 months those filter kit are around 450$ for pickup truck so it should not be too far from that and the replacament...
  10. traxterXT

    Mk4 menagement and GT20-22 turbo

    I'm building a big TDI project and the engine came out of 1999.5 jetta and the egine will be swaped into a 1996 golf so there's no place for the VNT20. the project will be built with a -GT20 with GT22 compressor wheel -Kerma race 520 injectors. -Machined piston 17.5:1CR -02J tranny from a mk4...