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    ERROR Adblue bottle and wrench.

    Did your CEL come on as well? Ever figure out what the problem was? My Adblue+wrench came on just like you described during a road trip last night (not related to turns though), followed by the CEL ~30 minutes later. Continued with both on until I reached a hotel, but concerned about making the...
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    2015 Passat battery

    I'm not an expert at all, but I'm fairly positive the OEM batteries are not supposed to be opened. Lots of others have noted that due to very high electrical load, the OEM batteries don't last long - several have reported getting only ~2 years out of them. (Though I still had the original...
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    Disconnecting the battery for a short time

    I disconnected mine for nearly a year (Reservist; got mobilized overseas). Not a single issue after reconnecting other than resetting the clock.
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    Warranty Work! New Member!

    There's a pretty lengthy thread on here somewhere with nearly exactly that topic. And of course there's the sticky for "Passat NMS VCDS Tricks/Upgrades." Lots of good ideas in there too. And there's also, "Cool features you didn't know your Passat has." You'll find more ideas for upgrades by...
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    2013 NMS Totaled- video

    Those of us who take good care of our cars will never get full value from any insurance company, since it's worth way more to us than to somebody else. (Worth extra knowing the care/history, and hard to tell if others on the market were similarly cared for.) No way to avoid that, really. I...
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    What Year Model to Buy TDI Passat or JEtta

    Agree with the others. 2015 has the new, improved engine, plus the better emissions warranty. 2015 with MT was my ideal, but I gave up after months of searching and eventually got a DSG. Regret it every day. Occasionally I see a good deal on a 2015 with MT, but never close to home - if...
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    Do You Need To Be There In Person For The BB?

    I remember from mine that it could be done with a Power of Attorney (I considered it so my wife wouldn't ALSO need to be there). Easiest thing is just to call the dealer - maybe you could even sign early, so long as the car passes inspection the day of the BB.
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    Eligible Owner Restitution

    Agree with hhead on a) and c). For b), you'd probably better call the settlement lawyers. And for d), if you have an appeal pending (so you can sell back the car), you'd definitely need to keep the car or else you'd never be able to sell it if you won the appeal.
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    PSA: Reset oil change interval after Phase II oil change

    I'll probably just check the level to see if it looks low - other than that, I'm not aware of any simple way to tell if it was changed since it would certainly look dark by now anyway.
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    PSA: Reset oil change interval after Phase II oil change

    Well, the fix was done right before I bought it CPO. They did provide me with an invoice showing the oil change had been done, but it's not really possible to be 100% certain. Unfortunately there's no window sticker since they had to replace the windshield as part of the CPO process, after the...
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    PSA: Reset oil change interval after Phase II oil change

    You're correct. But normally if they forget to reset the interval, you'd notice immediately (because it would still say you need an oil change). So it's only if oil is changed OUTSIDE the regular interval, like during the fix, that this would be an issue.
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    PSA: Reset oil change interval after Phase II oil change

    Although my Passat had an oil change as part of the Phase II fix a few thousand miles ago, my car recently notified me that an oil change is required. I confirmed that a change had been done, but it seems they did not reset the oil change interval reminder at the time. So now I will have to...
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    2015 Gen 3 Fix Phase 2 - First Impressions

    There's all sorts of philosophies on when to shift. Don't worry too much about what others are doing. If you can shift at lower RPMs without lugging, and want to do so, go for it. My 2013 MT Passat LOVED cruising at 1600 RPM, with no shudder at all. Honestly it could go down to 1400 RPM if...
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    Fair Price For a CPO 2015 Passat TDI SEL

    Yeah. It's not a terrible idea. Those older gassers took a big hit in resale value because of the scandal too, even though they weren't affected. Pretty amazing pricing on many of them. I decided to pay a bit more for the diesel engine, and the incredibly good extended warranty (plus...
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    Fair Price For a CPO 2015 Passat TDI SEL

    I think they're asking way too much, given the car is three years old and you can get a new gasser for just a little more. That said, it's supply vs. demand, and demand for the 2015 TDIs is high. I wound up with an SE that I paid $14,300 for before TTL, at 27k miles. That seemed to be a very...
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    2015 Gen 3 Fix Phase 2 - First Impressions

    Just read this whole thread. Many of the reported changes are exactly what VW said to expect in the letters they sent about the Phase II fix: • Sport Mode Changes – While driving in sport mode the automatic transmission will shift earlier at low accelerator positions for improved driving...
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    Spare tire check at turn-in?

    Same as others. Didn't check for a spare, but did take photos/video all the way around the outside and of the interior, with particular emphasis on the radio.
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    Help me understand 2.0L Gen 1, 2, and 3

    It depends on whether anyone already claimed the settlement money for that vehicle. You can run the VIN here: [2.0L Vehicle Lookup section] That site is not 100% reliable, since it may not reflect very recent changes, but it's a good general...
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    Help me understand 2.0L Gen 1, 2, and 3

    You had me really puzzled here... until I realized the one you posted was a 2015. 2015s (Gen 3) DO have a fix available, even for MT.
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    Passat TDI SE Sport mode

    Yeah. He lied. There are some big hills on a highway (60 MPH) near my house. I usually drop out of S in order manually downshift for the downhill slopes (it will downshift eventually, but not fast enough to keep me from exceeding the speed limit by quite a bit). It's always already in 6th...