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    FS: VW Golf MK7 European Tailights

    Sold Sold :)
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    FS: VW MKiv tdi parts

    I have sold mk4 tdi and have few parts for sale 4 x tip nozzles 28202 955 DSLA 150 P706 for $60 4 x tip nozzles 08207 060 DSLA 150 P672 for $40 Brand new OEM fuel sender part# 1J0919183H for SOLD I have used rebuild OEM Driver side driveshaft for TDI with auto transmission for $120 I...
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    Question regards driving from stop GSW

    My wife have upgraded from MK4 TDi to MK6 TDI she is very happy except one thing that she notice it doesn't move forward from stop when let go from brake, on mk4 it was slowly moving forward when let go from brake pedal , the car is brand new , she has to apply some gas to move forward little...
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    doing timing belt and can't remove the engine mount out

    I am stuck with timing belt, I can't remove the engine mount from the engine side, I lift the engine high enough and I can't get enough clearance to take it out, the A/C pipes are on the way , the instruction doesn't provide much info how to remove it, is there a trick to it. I can't move much...
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    Need help and advice regards removing crankshaft bolt on 00 TDI ALH

    I am doing timing belt , I have bought all tools as I though from Rossland A4kit , parts , instructions, so in mid of getting this all done I am running to a problem with counter-hold the crank bolt that I need to remove to replace the seal and the tool MN4004 I got in the kit is not able to...
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    question : Replacing Camshaft and crankshaft seals in 00 TDI ALH

    I am doing timing belt today, my water pump started to leak, I have all the tools and parts and printouts , I am ready for this , my both seals camshaft and crankshaft seals started to leak so I will be replacing those as well, I have the seal removal tools as well from my other VAG so I will...
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    Problem with alignment and the inner tie rods issue need help

    Couple weeks ago went to get my alignment done on 00 vw tdi that my wife complained it was pulling to the right.. Alignment shop before doing any alignment notice issue with both of my inner tie rods were shoot , they showed the problem Ordered new set of both inner and outer tie rods I went to...
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    replaced inner and outer tie rods have questions

    pr problem resolved
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    replacing inner and outer tie rods have question

    I will be replacing inner and outer tie rods in 00 golf tdi , do Cdn'tire or part source have the inner tire rod removal tool or is there a tip I can do without the tool
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    replacing drive side driveshaft part question

    My inner boot broke, and letting grease out, so I ordered new axle shaft (correction) got but realize that the new axleshaft is thicker then original , tube shaft is 42mm thick the original on the car is 25mm thick, I have check my passenger side axleshaft and the shaft is 42mm , so I am...
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    Driver front driveshaft inner boot cracked

    So my driver side drive-shaft inner boot broke close to tranny, grease leaking out is it worth to fix it old one or get new replacement my car has now over 200000 km I have found inner boot kit and new driveshaft on the market , the original driveshaft looks rusty and the boot on the other end...
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    rear wheel bearing or something else ?

    I am trying to determine if the rear wheel bearing failed or something else with in braking system is a problem, It sounds like a "whoosh , whoosh sound ' so I jack up the rear and spin the rear tires and I can hear the noise , I read that if the tire moves either left -right or up and down it...
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    OEM or Aftermarket brake fluid

    I had bad rear axle bushings, so yesterday I started to work and I had to disconnect the brake lines, and remove the axles, only way to get the bushings out , I have realized I don't have brake fluid to refill and bleed the system, CT is closed today, so I have to wait until Monday , should I...
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    which tools to get for TDi timing belt

    I think I will be attempting to do my own timing belt on my 00 tdi, my business have slow down and I don't think I can shell out 700 cdn+tax for labor right now, I have done TB on my V6 car 3 times in last 10 years, I have looked through bentley and it doesn't sound too complicated just...
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    Safe way to relay fogs using relay

    I have question regards relay On my VW I have relay my fogs in following pins on relay Pin 86 to fog light switch Pin 30 to fuse battery Pin 85 to ground Pin 87 to fogs Friend of mine email that he wired as well and it works Pin 30 to fog light switch Pin 86 to fuse battery Pin 85 to ground Pin...
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    pin layout for VW Euro switch

    Friend of mine is doing modification and switching to VW Euro headlight on his 98 Audi A6, basically he wants to turn fog lights when his lights are in parking light position, he only can turn both fogs when full headlight system is on also I have ask him to measure voltage at pin 8 and 9 and...
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    weird symbol on clock display, looks like antenna

    I have weird symbol on clock display, looks like antenna, what does it mean ? Manuals shows but doesn't say what this is for ?
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    Looking for place that service alternators

    I believe my alternator needs internal parts to be replaced, Commutator, bushings I have replaced faulty voltage regulator with new one, and once I rev it, or go over 120 km/h battery light turns on, pulley seems to hold but could be a suspect looking for place that can service the alternator...
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    alternator woes..

    I have 00 VW golf Tdi, two years ago my battery light was on, and found the voltage regulator faulty, replaced with used one, working fine until yesterday, on the highway going for two day holiday battery light came on, today came back, and found my voltage regulator to be faulty, one of the...
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    FS: Euro cluster Half/pixel for TDI with wiper stalk,wiring (Canada)

    I have for sale refurb Euro Cluster Half/pixel for MKIV golf/jetta with Diesel engine (works with either automatic/tip or manual transmission) with immo-III incoded, can be coded as well into immo-II comes with wiper stalk to control menu on the cluster and outside temp sensor with wiring the...