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    codes after replacing ac condenser and radiator fan

    Replaced the condenser and radiator fan on my 2010 tdi jetta and when i go to start it to charge the AC all hell breaks lose, it started first but wouldn't run right, just like someone turn the power on and off. Then it stalled and wouldn't start at all. Performed fuel pump test and all seems in...
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    Do the Kerma or Malone tunes take off that pesky 210km/hr Vmax on VW TDI's?
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    Malone, Kerma or other tuning options

    Just flashed my 2010 Jetta TDI with a stage 2 full delete tune from europe using a KESSv2 clone tool.After I made a complete backup of the factory flash I proceeded to upload my original flash file(at 7 am) to the vendor and had a file back in about an hour. When 10am rolled around she was ready...
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    Radio code

    Just got the run around from fifth ave autohaus in Calgary who claimed I had to bring in my car for getting the code for my radio and charge me 70 bucks for it. Country hills vw did it for free over the phone. Pretty sure VW does it as a free service. Not nice from some dealership to try and charge.
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    Got a 2004 passat that all of a sudden is misfiring and turned emission light on. It seems to idle normally but as soon as you give it a little throttle (in neutral)it sounds like it runs on only 3 cylinders. It still pulls through the entire rpm range under load but feels it lacks a little...
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    webasto remote

    Not sure if anyone cares but if you have the 12pin 1531 webasto timer then you can ground pin 7 momentarily to activate instant on. So it does the same as pushing the instant on button. So you can connect any signal to a relay to latch for a second and the webasto fires up the same as instant on...
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    Remote control unit with fob for webasto heater
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    I just installed a webasto tsl 17 in 04 passat tdi. It was a bit of work and was almost done when i found this pdf file for webasto blue heat. The tsl 17 is an over the counter webasto product meant for any...