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    2003 a4 jetta blip throttle results in rough idle

    A fine runnning stock 03 a4 with 01m idles fine upon start. Blip the throttle or drive it then let it idle and the idle spaz's, the iq jumps around and the injector balance maxes out either 1.88 or -1.88. After a few minutes, the idle normalizes until it runs smooth like it should. I put a...
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    a4 wagon headliner removal

    I'm stumped on how to lower the headliner from around the sunroof, it seems to be attached to the sunroof frame somehow. Is there a how-to that anyone knows of ? Or has anyone removed/installed a headliner and can explain the steps necessary to deal with the sunroof ? Thanks.
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    02 beetle dinger won't stop dinging with engine running

    I'm stumped. Car sat for a year due to a deer encounter and then someone else changed the hood, radiator and core support. Completely dry inside. Runs, drive, starts fine. VCDS says all doors, front and rear lids are closed. But... the dinger keeps dinging with the engine running. I...
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    Scan gauge wont turn on

    I have 2 scan gaugeII's to putz with in my b4 and a4. Neither turns on although vcds connects instantly. Am i missing something ? Pushing the lower right button doesnt do anything either.
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    a4 wagon in Pick a Part

    For the locals or someone wishing to drive, there's a very nice gasser, gold a4 wagon in the Stafford, Virginia Pick a Part boneyard. Complete body, maybe a scratch here and there, but better than most I've seen lately. Sorry, I'm not pulling parts for you.
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    G85 malfunction 00778 1J0959654bk

    An 04 Jetta has the dreaded 00778 G85 malfunction code. VW says the clock spring is not available, no eta on a new one. This application is for a car with esp and no traction control switch. What now ? Any work arounds ?
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    2001 Jetta became possessed, 17957, 17849, 19561, 17552 and 17660

    A perfectly fine running 2001 sat for a week or so, when I started it today those codes appeared and they are all legit. Timing off the chart, maf actual is 255, iq is now about 14, black smokes at idle and pump seems to be rattling. Yes, I checked the fuses and grounds. The codes are...
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    dfis still in business ? is not valid, maybe it was hacked ? Do they have a new address ? Thanks.
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    Car with no key. Easiest way to get a tumbler out and which one ?

    I'm buying a car with no key. Do I take the ignition tumbler out, or a door tumbler and take it to the lock smith ? Thanks.
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    Downpipe source ?

    I can't seem to find a source for a b4 downpipe, a new one that is. Steel or stainless, doesn't matter. Anyone know of a fabricator who has the pattern ? Thanks.
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    A4 Pax Manual Mirror Removal From Door

    The pax mirror no longer adjusts using the joy stick. How does the joy stick assembly get removed from the door ? I just can't finagle the joy stick through the cut out in the door. Or do the cables get disconnected at the mirror housing and get fed into the door interior ? Something so...
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    2005 Jetta Bew Immobilizer Deleted

    A friend had his immobilizer deleted and the immobilizer light flashes in the dash. But... not when he uses his valet key. The three brand new "regular" keys with remote do cause the light to flash. All four keys of course start the car. I can read the pin using vag tacho (the real cable)...
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    99.5 unstable IQ last 10 feet before coming to full stop

    This stock (has had the cold weather hard start ecu fix) 99.5 jetta runs better, smoother, quieter and peppier than any other tdi I've driven.... except.... when coming to a full stop, the last 10 feet the IQ becomes unstable and fluctuates +/- 2.0 or so from the 3.8 it is set at, down to 2.0...
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    99.5 Drivers Door Tumbler Wont Stay in Door

    This door has been apart before, don't know why. When I first saw the car, the tumbler wouldn't turn with the key and the tumbler housing was not fastened to the door handle. I took the tumbler out, cleaned and lubed it, put it together no problem. I still can not get the tumbler housing to...
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    When is a bad MAF not a bad MAF ?

    A friend has an a4 alh, low specified/actual MAF readings, unplugged the MAF harness, default of 550 made the car run well. Replaced with a new Bosch MAF, same low readings. He says the egr looks to be opening/closing. So...... what else could over ride the MAF to cause the low readings...
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    b4 glx vs b4 front wheel track difference

    What makes the 96 glx have a wider front wheel track than a 96 tdi b4, is it the subframe or the lca's ? I have a bent glx subframe and a straight b4 subframe. Thanks.
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    Beaufort SC / Savannah Area ? Need a radiator fan installed for a friend

    An elderly female friend has an 05 wagon that needs the large radiator fan installed. Anyone down there that can assist ? Not a charity, but it's not all that complicated either. I won't be able to get back down there for a month to do it myself. Thanks.
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    Headliner Part

    I had a shop recover the headliner in a 99.5. I found this under the seat a week later. Anyone know where it goes ? Thanks.
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    Who has a 99.5 ?

    Do you have a "cruise" lamp in your dashboard like the later a4's do ? I have tried 3 different stalks and none illuminate that lamp if it exists. The cruise does work and vcds does show all switches work.
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    97 Blurple Sedan Going to the Boneyard

    This one owner car was t-boned hard midship on the right side. Front right fender, hood, trunk and all left side is near impeccable. I wish my dd had sheet metal this clean. I'm pulling the engine out today for a eurovan swap. I'm not going to pull window triangles, or a switch or whatever...