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    Buyback question ~ consigner and wait times

    I've been trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my buy back money so I've just had my car parked for the last two months. I decided to move forward with it this month and submitted all my documents today. I have a consigner on my loan and I'm curious if they need to be there when I...
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    It's (semi) Official. 2015 owners get the shaft

    It appears that the estimated amounts in the tables weren't estimated at all. No options will be added for 2015 owners so anything extra we paid for doesn't impact our settlement in the least. Way to go VW for shaving a few dollars off the settlement amount at risk of making your newest...
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    Are you kidding me?

    Sorry. Mods please lock this.
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    2015 Owners lets see your numbers

    I know that the numbers provided in the chart have the 2015 values listed as possibly inaccurate so this thread may end up not having as much meaning but I don't have full confidence yet in VW's settlement figures so here goes. NADA Clean Trade-In Value: 07/05/16 - 2015 SEL with 6MT and 18k...
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    20,000 Mile service cost

    Anyone else have this done? I did mine today and it cost me a whopping $409! Did I get burned or what? Did not expect to have such an expensive maintenance so early on.
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    OEM accessory discounts

    Can anyone point me to a dealer who is offering discounts for OEM accessories and willing to ship? It has to be through a dealer so I can use my VW goodwill card. I have heard of individual dealers offering special pricing on some of these accessories in the past but I called two local...
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    VW oem wheels?

    Does anyone have experience buying oem wheels from a dealer for less than the price they show on VW parts site? I like the 18" motorsports and one of the other black wheels they have but they are like $350+ per wheel! Seems over priced compared to high quality aftermarket wheels.