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    Comments from the turbo experts?

    Hi all. So a couple months ago, I had my first "limp mode" experience while driving from Maryland to Indiana. It went limp going up some hills, and the next time I stopped to fill the tank, the power came back like a light switch went off. Then the power went away again and pretty much stayed...
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    FS: TDI low-pixel MFA cluster, BRAND NEW (SOLD!)

    Hey folks. I have for sale a BRAND NEW low-pixel MFA Euro cluster for the A4 Jetta/Golf. It's the kind with MPH and the chrome rings around the gauges. My asking price is US$400 shipped to the lower 48. Again, it is NEW, never installed, 0 miles, not reconditioned/flashed. I do not have...
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    Premature manual transmission failure?

    Hi guys and gals, Some of you know of my ordeal over the past couple weeks, but I thought I'd share it "at large" to pass on my story and get a sense of what others have experienced. First the background: 2001 Golf TDI 5M with relatively few problems, 67.5k miles, RC 3.1, .205s, no other...
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    Dinner with MOGolf in Baltimore Saturday!

    Hey all, Sorry for the late notice, but MOGolf is kind enough to grace us Marylanders with his presence this Saturday for dinner. As it's late notice, I'd like to go ahead and choose the place and time and hope people will join us. We will be at Al Pacino Egyptian Pizza in Belvedere Square...
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    SHORT notice - BioD co-op feeler mtg Baltimore

    Hi all, I'm interested in getting together a few people in Maryland to start up a co-op for making and using biodiesel. My feelings of how such a co-op might work are discussed in this thread: Self-sufficient biodiesel co-ops. What does it take? Take a look at it and see if you like my...
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    Self-sufficient biodiesel co-ops. What does it take?

    I've been thinking a lot today about local biodiesel co-ops and how they work. We all know that there are a few different ways of getting hold of biodiesel: (1) Buy it from a pump at a station. (2) Buy it in bulk from a distributor. (3) Get the supplies and make it yourself. What are the...
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    10 Techno-Cool Cars described in IEEE Spectrum magazine

    Feature article in this month's issue of IEEE Spectrum, the electrical engineering trade journal: Quote regarding the diesel Fiat Stilo: "The 1.2-L, four-cylinder engine begins with the known trick of pre-injecting fuel in...
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    IM, IC, crud, and UPsolute

    So, I was Upsoluted a few weeks ago and was a liiiitle disappointed by the fact that everyone on the forum swears it's truly a night & day experience. Mine was not this way. I'm not saying that they didn't do anything to my car, and I'm not saying my car's not peppy. It is. It just wasn't...