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    What are these lamps for?

    Before you check anything else, try and see if the filament is burned out. Those are the DRL and should be on anytime your headlights are off and parking brake off. did you buy this car used? If so, someone may have changed your setting in VCDS which would allow you to turn them on/off in your...
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    TDI Claims Portal

    I sent an email also, a polite one just identifying lack of communication with this process. I hope he can get them to update customers in some fashion, waiting 30 days with not a single communication seams excessive.
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    TDI Claims Portal

    These are factory buy backs and can't be used as trade in, at least in MN. Unless something changed, should be two seperate deals and full tax on new ride. Sorry, I just bit the bullet on a new car and had to pay full tax....ugh If you find out different please post up. Would love to go get...
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    DIY Fuel filter change?

    Your filters must have been different than mine, I used the Mann filter and it is only open on the top where the filtered fuel is pulled into engine, closed on bottom so no way for enything to get inside from canister unfiltered. Maybe they make other brand open bottom filters, which would...
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    Turbo issues but car is getting bought back

    Turbo is under warranty to 120k Let the dealer fix it.
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    TDI Claims Portal

    Mine were approved 31 Oct, so it's been 3weeks for me and not a word or email....:mad:
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    Bearsvw, The Ram sport actually has a projector housing, just like the Laramie ram. They just install a regular bulb from factory instead of HID. Thus the HID bulbs work perfect in the RAM models that have that housing. So you were Smart!!!! To put in HID bulbs on your RAM, thinking about it...
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    Ad Blue heater warranty extension

    Definitely worth keeping with low miles. If they through in the HPFP I think any potential issue would be covered. Heater core, heater fan (tsb), turbo, exaughst flap, def tank heater, clock spring, airbag...I'm sure the rest of emmisions will get covered with the fix. Anyone in the 10k a year...
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    Ad Blue heater warranty extension

    Got my ad blue heater warranty extension in the mail today, wish I wasn't turning it in, heck half the car is under extended warranties..
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    Runs rough Jerks for 2 minutes, then?

    If I remember, the exhaust valve is under warranty now to 120k also. Might have the dealer check that for you.
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    Garage door 1, side view mirror 0

    You can access it after removing the door panel. I don't have access to my PDFs right now but it's not too hard. Maybe someone will chime in with the door panel removal process pics or search for them on here, I know we have posted them before.
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    Pirelli P7 tires

    I've had the P7 plus on mine for 35000 plus miles and love them, they are the 18" and so much quieter, great handling dry or rain. Ok in snow. Tread life is fantastic so far, 7/32 left at that mileage. Make sure you are looking at the P7plus, there is a basic P7. Price wise you should be able...
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    Considering Continental True Contact tire -- any experience?

    OP I put a set of the True contacts on my daughters passat, very nice tire and they were very quiet. They were 15" rims. Excellent buy for the price. On my wife's Jetta I used the Pure contact, they didn't make the true in her 16" size. Another nice tire with no issues. For my 13 passat 18" I...
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    2012 Passat TDI water temp question

    My stock 2013 has been running 209-211 on the freeway at 2400rpm. I see as high as 218 during regens.
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    NMS Front Fender Liner

    It is for sound proofing, it stops the excessive tire/ engine noise from transmitting to the door and into the cabin. The door soundproofing is very limited by itself.
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    Need help hood will not open

    Have a second person activate the lever while you watch, and while they have it pulled, move the cable to see if you get the extra movement needed to releas it.
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    Soot Load

    So I wonder if the measuring block reading is in percent ounce as in 80 = .80 ounces or about 22.5 grams. The active regen should be between 18 and 24 grams calculated. Which would be between .64 and .85 ounces. If this is true, I bet linear logic could change the code to grams. Thoughts????:eek:
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    Soot Load

    Well I finally drove my car after loading this last Thursday, it was 78 when loaded. I went about 8 miles and it got up to 80 then like others have stated, it jumped to 100 with the regen. When it finished 10 minutes later it showed 23. This was the first one so I will try to watch more now and...
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    Soot Load

    Just programmed mine up, called it SLD. It's currently at 78 so I will try to pay attention to it. Thanks ABS Still wish we could get a reading to flash when it hits a parameter. The eye will typically pick up a flash. Even with the scan gage set up I rarely catch a regen while on the freeway...
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    Fact/fiction about these Passat's.....

    I thought the turbo warranty went to 120k now, not 100k. I haven't looked has Anyone looked the paperwork lately?