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    replacement CV boots

    i can find inner cv boot kits, my issue is the out cv boots, over the million miles i have driven, i have usually failed the outer boot. so i am wondering what one does if the outer boot fails?
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    replacement CV boots

    due to a required replacement of a CV boot on my Golf, i wanted to see if and what the situation was on our jetta, (2015 tdi, DSG), from VW's parts website the boot isn't available separately. Has anyone encountered this and is this the real scope? thanks
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    Climatronic clacking noise

    recently started to occur, start the car with hvac system of, turn it on and we get a clacking noise, if the systems is on when the car starts it makes the noise right away, from the descriptions on line is likely a damper actuator, but which one and where are they located? I ran VCDS scan and...
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    Saskatchewan TDI members??

    in Saskatoon Import auto is my first choice, i have heard of an Audi tech who does work on the side and is suppose to be good, but have not made that contact yet.
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    Saskatchewan TDI members??

    welcome, sorry can't help you in regina, as i know only the saskatoon local scene
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    Saskatchewan TDI members??

    Nice to have you stop by, slave cyl will do that... happy traveling
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    Saskatchewan TDI members??

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    How do you grease the panoramic sunroof rails?

    try here
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    2012 jetta sportwagen monster mats

    try these you should be able to find by doing a search, amazon will sell the weathertech, but i think the 3d kagu are nicer. PS the monster mats crack and leak as they age.
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    need a cargo area cover, will this fit?

    well i tracked one down in PQ shipped $145.
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    need a cargo area cover, will this fit?

    from what i have read, the chassis is just tweaked, so only the body panels are changed, does anybody know for sure that these cargo covers are totally different and can't be interchanged?
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    need a cargo area cover, will this fit?

    i have a 2011 JSW/GSW without a cargo cover, there is a cover within a reasonable distance off a 2016 GSW. would it fit? (reasonable distance in this case is 6hrs driving time, I have found a direct fit 1500mi away which would require shipping)
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    CJAA swap into mk6 Jetta

    i would expect that you will have to swap the entire electrical system. you might be able to save some time if things like brake master cyl don't need to be swapped... best to become good friends with a dealer parts guy... to check part #s
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    Cjaa Timing Belt Upper Roller

    is that slow motion video? and the chunking noise we hear is that the engine idling or the the roller? the roller needs to turn smoothly even it looks rough on the outside, the stuff on the roller looks like junk buildup that sneaks in, so it may be good, how smooth did the old roller spin?
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    2015 - 12v outlet in trunk missing?

    so when i run a power wire from the back, can anyone tell me the pinout on the back of the fuse panel so i can hook this up properly?
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    Next TDI, which VW to get?

    okay now to close out this loop. i spent 2 months looking for another b5.5 without rust, doesn't exist out here... was willing to get a golf and ended up finding a 2011 GSW in unmolested condition with 184,000km major service done , so it's just a matter of cleaning it, i will be adding a few...
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    Slow, dragging start ... I need some advice!

    there were a lot of reports of the alh not starting well once warmed up. our problem turned out to be a bad started. it needs to achieve 300rpm If i remember correctly, and your car and started are now over 20yrs old.....
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    B5.5 Passat Wagon Replacement Vehicle

    bmw diesel? I currently own 2 bmw motorcycles. high tech, advanced design, $h**ty quality... based on my experience, i would struggle to buy one of their cars, yet i broke down and at least looked, local to me a 2015 328D with about 100,000km asking $20k CDN dollars, looks to be in good shape...
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    Passat fun

    the orphan passat sold 3 wks ago. it had suffered some major body work and was showing rust from first owner neglect. ran solid but i was happy to see it go, now on the hunt for a replacement, considering 11-14 golf, 04/05 golf or passat, all must be tdi. the 05 passat has a major attraction...