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    DRL on after parking brake set

    I just noticed this, today. After stopping, and setting the parking brake (BRAKE light on in dash), the DRLs stay on. Shutting-down does kill the lights. The car is a MkIV Golf, 2000. No mods to headlights. Any thoughts?
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    Mk IV Golf Headlights w/fog give away in WA

    I recently received two, new MK IV Golf headlights as a birthday present. The old ones were fogged-up, but not severe;y. I tried the various kits to clean-up the fogging, without success. Perhaps someone would want to try their hand at buffing them out, or installing the glass replacement kit...
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    CD changer problem

    My 2000 Golf has the factory 1-disc player in the dash. The CD will not go completely in, and is pushed back out within several seconds. Any thoughts? Hopefully, a simple fix. Thanks!
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    W8 overhead light switch replacement?

    Hello, all. The W8 overhead light console that I installed about 10 years ago now needs a new switch to control the driver's side reading light. The switch will not turn off, as the switch button will not lock down. Does anyone know if this switch is a replaceable item. I saw the price of a new...
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    Gear shift vibration and clicking sound

    I have a 2000 Golf with 5-speed transmission. There are no problems engaging gears, but each time I shift, there is a clicking sound coming from the shift lever, as well as an occasional vibration (enough to rattle the shift lever.) I put some lithium grease on the pivot pin, and shift lever...
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    WTB: Plastic end cap for center vent grill

    Hello, all. What I am looking for would best be described as the plastic (soft) end cap that goes on one end of a center vent grill mounting pin. The purpose is to keep the vent in the desired position. I was removing the vent grill to clean out underneath, and the cap managed to fall inside...
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    Rear wiper motor for parts

    Howdy, all. I just replaced the rear wiper motor on my 2000 Golf. The old one was failing (erratic behavior), and I wanted to replace it before rainy season set in. I would be willing to give this one away for parts, if someone is interested. Just pay me postage.
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    Rear wiper a bit crazy

    Hello, all. I have noticed a "problem" with the rear wiper on my 2000 Golf. When it is first turned on, the arm goes 3/4 of the way across, pauses 1/2 of the way (vertical) on the return, returns to parking position, and repeats the cycle like this for five sweeps, or so, then runs normally...
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    Fuel injection pump noise?

    I have a question for everyone. When my T/B was changed two months ago, one of our members noticed that the fuel injection pump was a bit on the noisy side. I couldn't tell any difference, as the car sounded normal to me. I have noticed now, a bit of rough idle, along with a low, groaning sound...
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    Door switch for interior lights

    Hello, all. Just this past week, the interior lights have not been coming on when I open the driver's door. This does not happen all of the time just on occasion. They do light when the other doors are opened. Where is the switch located in the door/ I had an older VW that did the same thing...
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    ABS pump and module for sale

    I have for sale an ABS pump and modulr from my 2000 Golf GLS TDI. This would be a Mk20 system, without ASR/EDL. It was pulled out of my car about five months ago. It was in working order. I had upgraded to ASR/EDL, and now have this extra unit. I don't know what a fair price is, but was thinking...
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    Instrument cluster brake light comes on

    While driving home tonight, my other half noticed that the instrument cluster brake light came on every time the car was accelerated. It would beep for three seconds or so, and flash several times. I had upgraded the ABS module to one that has ASR about two months ago, without problem. I have...
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    Is there a relay 109 in a B5 Passat?

    A friend has a 1999 Passat (nonTDI). He has been having electrical problems of an intermittant nature. The first thing I thought of was our problems with the 109 relay> Does anyone know if these gas-powered VWs have a 109 relay? Thanks.
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    50,000 mi service, now have problems

    I just had the 50,000 mile service on my 2000 Golf. Since I was going to be taking the car on a road trip of 4,300 miles, I thought that I would have everything checked out. The dealer did the service, checked all hoses, belts, exhaust, coolant and brakes. During the trip, I noticed that the...
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    In-dash CD player lighting

    Just curious. I recently purchased an OEM in-dash CD player from another member. I put it in and it works great. There is a red light (bar) that indicates a CD is inserted. It only lights when the car's exterior lights are off. When the headlight switch (Euro) is on city light or headlight...
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    WTB: Single DIN CD player

    I am looking to buy a used in-dash CD player, OEM equipment. I have a 2000 Golf, so it has to be the single DIN size.
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    FS: Golf IV side mirrors

    Santa was good to me. I got the split Euro-mirrors that I wanted for Christmas. I have for sale the left and right side mirrors from my 2000 Golf. These mirrors are heated, and the heating elements do work (my set-up does not leave the mirrors in heating mode all of the time). I am asking $40...
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    airbag light on after mod

    I have a 2000 Golf GLS. The car was at the dealer the other day for its 40,000 mile service. I have driven it about 150 miles since then. Tonight, I did the modification to hook up the rear-fog icon in the dash. The only wiring that was unplugged was the blue harness connector on the back of the...
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    Cetane boost in a F-250

    After every other fill-up, I add Power Service Cetane Boost to the tank of my 2000 Golf TDI. I never add more than 1/4 of a bottle to the tank. I have had good results from using this product. Low smoke output, and just as much power as when new. This is after 40000 miles. My partner has a 1992...
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    felt strips for creaking panels

    Several months ago, I had posted a question on the subject of a creaking center console. A suggestion was made that dealers often make repairs for creaking panels/pieces using a felt strip, possibly tape-backed. I brought it to the dealer, and mentioned this to him, and indeed, he did use this...