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    FS: 2002 (ALH) TDI parts for sale (ON CCV, EGR, etc.)

    I am selling my Jetta soon, so here are some TDI-related parts that I have available. All prices are in USD. I can ship to Canada and the continental USA, and PayPal is accepted. Drop me a note if you have any questions regarding these items! I will add additional parts as they become...
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    FS: EGR Cooler tank

    I recently removed my EGR cooler tank because I installed a DG Race Pipe to eliminate my EGR system altogether. The EGR valve has since been sold, but I still have the exhaust gas cooler tank for the EGR system. It was cleaned about 9000km ago when I did my intake manifold, and condition wise...
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    FS: Complete ALH EGR system - $70 shipped

    SOLD! I replaced my EGR system with a DG Race Pipe, so everything is up for sale. $70 USD shipped buys you: - EGR valve with anti-shudder valve - EGR exhaust gas cooler tank - All associated plumbing - All OEM mounting bolts - Extra lengths of OEM vacuum hose Everything is fully-functional...
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    Serpentine belt and alternator pulley fell off

    I thought only the serpentine belt fell off, but upon further inspection tonight underneath the car, I discovered that the alternator pulley is somewhere on the side of a road right now. I suspect the alternator pulley broke off, taking the serpentine belt along with it. I bought a new belt...
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    FS: Complete EGR system from ALH TDI; Vancouver BC

    I have for sale the complete EGR system from my 2002 TDI. The components consist of the EGR valve (fully functional with anti-shudder valve), exhaust gas cooler unit, and the two pipes that channel the exhaust gasses. These parts are just taking up space in my garage so I'm letting them go for...
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    Buzzing sound coming from N18 valve?

    I was taking a quick look under the hood tonight while the motor was idling, and I noticed a buzzing/rattling noise. It was coming from the N18 valve (the one that controls the EGR) and it would go away if I pushed it to one side with my finger. If I let go, the buzzing came back. I don't...
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    17654: Needle Lift Sensor (G80) Implausible Signal

    I'm troubleshooting some acceleration/bucking issues in my '02 TDI, and my saga is described in this thread: I did a VAG-COM scan today and got this single DTC, and here is the output: <font...
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    17654: Needle Lift Sensor (G80) Implausible Signal

    I'm troubleshooting some acceleration/bucking issues in my '02 TDI, and my saga is described in this thread: I did a VAG-COM scan today and got this single DTC, and here is the output: <font...
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    Hiccup/power cut during acceleration (*VAG-COM'ed)

    Hiccup/power cut during acceleration (*VAG-COM\'ed) I've been noticing some unusual behavior coming from my motor over the past couple weeks, and it all occurs during medium- to full-throttle acceleration. Once the revs soar past ~3200rpm, I either feel a very slight drop-off in power, or the...
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    Plugging vacuum lines after DG Race Pipe install

    I will be installing a DG Race Pipe soon, but before I get my hands dirty, what did you use to plug the two vacuum lines after removing the EGR valve? Some have used screws, but that seems a little too "DIY mechanic" to me. Are there vacuum line caps that can be bought at auto parts stores...
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    Shuddering at idle, intermittent power, overboost *DELETED*

    Post deleted by Deception
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    FSL: Garrett VNT-15 TDI turbo in Vancouver, Canada

    (Picture is not of the actual turbo but it's the exact same model. Text here is borrowed from redline's previous for-sale post. ) I have a VNT-15 turbo from my 2002 Jetta TDI, ALH code. It has 82,000km on it, has been fed AMSOIL synthetic for almost all of its life, and is in excellent...
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    FS: MK4 TDI clutch and flywheel, Vancouver CHEAP!

    I have recently upgraded my TDI's transmission with a more powerful SACHS clutch and lightened single-mass flywheel combo, so its original parts are just sitting in a box in my garage. Up for grabs, for uber-cheap, are my TDI's OEM/Sachs clutch disc, pressure plate, and throwout bearing. The...
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    PP502 (0.232) with stock chip, temporarily?

    I'm having my VR6/G60 clutch installed tomorrow and I was thinking of having the PP502's (0.232 from Bosio/KERMA) installed on the same day to save on labor and make it more convenient for when I install my VNT-17 turbo and software within the next month. My...
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    NA-spec PD100 intercooler pipe p/n

    My VNT-17 is on its way, so I did some reading on intercooler pipe options and learned that the NA-spec PD100 intercooler pipe is a bolt-on fit, according to this thread: However, two different part numbers were given for the PD100 pipe...
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    Question about a PD150 turbo sold on

    Here's a PD150 turbo that just sold on German eBay this morning for 141 euros: Is this the correct PD150 turbo that we are looking for all the time? (For use with larger injectors and customized software of course) What mods are...
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    Anyone with this Stage 2 VR6 clutch kit?

    MJM Autohas has put together a Stage 2 clutch kit (alongside a Stage 1) for upgraded 1.8T, 2.0 and TDI owners. The price for both kits look very reasonable and I am specifically interested in the Stage 2 kit. Here's the thread on Vortex: Quote...
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    WTB: OEM Jetta IV muffler in Vancouver, BC area

    I'm looking for an OEM muffler from a Jetta IV. Don't need the cat-back piping or anything, just the muffler. Let me know if you have one up for grabs. Thanks!
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    Any Vancouverites have an OEM Jetta IV muffler?

    Any TDI'ers from Vancouver who have done the mufflerectomy on their Jetta IV have their OEM muffler lying around that they would like to sell me? I don't need the cat-back piping, just the muffler will be fine. Let me know if you have one. Thanks!
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    Limp mode, how to eliminate?

    I've been hitting limp mode whenever I go full-blast up a road on the side of a mountain. Basically, I'm flooring it in 3rd gear, making awesome power, shift to 4th, floor it... torque is great all the way up to 4000-4200rpm when suddenly boost drops and I feel a large reduction in power. Limp...