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    FS: Ross Tech cable and Metalnerd Tools

    BTTT - $125 shipped for the Metalnerd tools. I used these on an AHU; they might also work on the ALH, but I'm not certain of that.
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    FS: Ross Tech cable and Metalnerd Tools

    Ross Tech cable is sold...still have the Metalnerd tools.
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    FS: Ross Tech cable and Metalnerd Tools

    [/URL][/IMG] These were used for a 1997 AHU: Metalnerd timing belt tools, also including the tool for the tamper-proof bolt on the injector pump. $150.00 shipped. Ross Tech VAG-COM cable (KII-USB) interface for VCDS. $100.00 shipped.
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    94 buick roadmaster estate station wagon

    For a car like that, you might want to consider a Duramax diesel. If you look around online, you can find a number of GM cars that have this swapped in. Just a few examples I've come across in the past include a '70s Corvette, a few Camaros, a Monte Carlo, and a Chevelle or two.
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    TDI Ford "Exploder"

    I'd like to see what you end up with for a transmission - be sure to post some pictures and details!
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    TDI Ford "Exploder"

    You could go with a T5 and use the Quicktime bellhousing...worth checking out.
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    TDI Conversion project success stories (short please)

    My Saturn TDI project is still going strong with 107k on the engine swap since I first put it on the road several years ago. Most of the issues I've had with the car were Saturn-related (like the ignition switch cylinder that jammed on me recently), although there were a couple of -15 degree...
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    Another 914

    A TDI Corvair would be interesting, but I really like your TDI 914 project. Just as a thought, if you are looking at different transaxles for better TDI gearing, the Type 1 Beetle transaxles have a huge aftermarket support. You could have one built with just about any gear ratio setup...
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    Tdi into mk1 Ford Transit (UK)

    Couldn't resist looking up the Crafter transmission; not too much information on it, but I did find this link: There's a listing for the gear ratios of this box; interesting gear spread - it comes with a VERY...
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    Tdi into mk1 Ford Transit (UK)

    Could you elaborate more on your rear-wheel drive gearbox - what exactly is that out of (you stated 2.0 VW crafter)? You guys get a lot of neat stuff over there that we don't get here in the states!
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    2.5tdi eurovan swap and 5speed!

    I like your idler pulley! On my car, I replaced the plastic idler pulley with one made for a 1985 Ford 5.0 Mustang; had to turn a new adapter piece to get it aligned properly, but otherwise it was a bolt-in.
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    Audi 90 quattro TDI: gearing questions

    Very nice, and extremely clean! What are you running for a clutch and flywheel setup?
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    alh m-Tdi marinisation to match Mercruiser Gen1 drive

    Nice fabrication work! What are you using for the flywheel and starter?
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    Saturn TDI Conversion

    Wow, it's been a couple years since I last updated this thread; the Saturn TDI just turned 100k on the engine swap and still going strong! Getting ready for a timing belt and oil change soon, otherwise it hasn't really needed anything. It took a real beating this winter, though - sub-zero...
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    No heat in toyota tdi conversion..any experience ?

    On my Saturn TDI project I installed a new thermostat, but also added a Renault Alliance thermostat to the upper radiator hose. Had to modify this by cutting the OD down and soldering a piece of copper tubing to fit the TDI hose, but it helped out quite a bit with heating.
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    Tell Us About Your Running Swaps: Mileage Racked Up,Impressions,Things You Would....

    Wow, it's been four years and almost 90k on the Saturn TDI swap! A few minor issues of my own doing, but overall the car has been very reliable and still knocks down high-60's this time of year...even topped 70 mpg a few times this summer, although I still have yet to best my all-time high of...
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    Gearbox options for RWD

    There is also an SFI-approved bellhousing that adapts the TDI to the GM version of the T5...can't quite recall, but I believe it's made by a company owned by Lakewood.
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    68 Camaro Alh conversion

    Now that it's on the road, you can always plug away at the other stuff over the long term. The hardest part is done; when you return from deployment, you can always pick up where you left off.
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    68 Camaro Alh conversion

    Sorry to see you give up on it - that turned out to be a pretty cool swap, not to mention all the work you put into rebuilding the body.
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    RWD with Asz, whats trans/gearbox

    Quicktime (now owned by Lakewood) has an SFI-approved bellhousing that will adapt most 4- and 6-cylinder VW/Audi engines (including TDI) to the GM version of the T5: From what I've read, the VW flywheel is still...