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    5 Sp Manual - Cant get into Reverse

    Better this than a transmission 😃
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    2010 Jetta SW TDI 3 CEL Codes, need to pass AZ Emissions

    Just to be sure, have you choose the glow plug with the pressure sensor?
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    Starter motor not engaging ring gear

    I had that issue a few years ago and it was with a poorly rebuilt starter from a local company. I did finally choose to buy a Bosch reman’d starter and it’s much stronger since. It happens when the bendix is weak.
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    2011 Sportwagen Water in Floorboards

    Maybe worth looking the cowl area like in this thread:
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    Oil leak

    I wonder if this is the OEM engine coolant preheater since you are also in Canada. On my manual car, it’s beside engine oil filter/cooler at the front. Maybe it’s at the back with DSG?
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    Low power

    Since it’s still stock and most than likely still under dieselgate extended warranty I would go to the dealership.
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    How should the vane actuator feel?

    What I prefer doing is to unscrew the 2 nuts holding the actuator. You will then be good to move the lever to feel it.
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    Power Service Additive

    In my case I use small 5oz plastic bottle I almost fill with PS. I have a 2003 Golf with bigger vented tank. 3-4oz will be good for you.
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    Inner tie-rods replacement, can I go without special tools?

    I have done the same on my car a few weeks ago and rented the special tool at a Canadian Tire. It was free and was pretty useful. It's a cheap insurance to get it before starting the job.