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    intercooler frozen

    I just had the inter cooler kit installed last wed..I told the dealer that I had a hard start last week and there was probably water in the IC. They found water in the IC and they got approval from VW America .The IC kit was installed the next day.I was very happy with the dealers service.Tell...
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    New (used) wheels for my JSW

    You are welcome 30Bones.The TPMS will still work as stated above.Brshootr I thought of going with the alloys but I went on the cheap for winter wheels with all the salt and sand.
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    New (used) wheels for my JSW

    I just bought 4 steelies for 39$ each and 4 general arctic altimax tires 97$ each with a 50$ rebate at tire rack. Delivered 632$ -50$ rebate . 582$ for a highly rated winter set of wheels and tires, not bad. Steelies are on sale and the rebate on the tires ends aug. 15