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    any thoughts?

    yea i purchased one, about 3 years ago. i love it.
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    Touareg V10 TDI chip tuning experience

    thanks for comments i'll continue to investigate and think about options...but as a comment of my own i'm definitely not worried about the gearbox - if anything that's the strong link, it being common to the posche cayenne models as well as the ridiculous W engine. VW and Posche developed that...
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    Touareg V10 TDI chip tuning experience

    I've started to think about tuning my V10 TDI Touareg. Looked through this section of the forum and found little information on the big engine. Also looked through the FAQs and newbie threads. Went to rocketchip and they don't offer anything for any touareg. upsolute does have an option. My...
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    "touareg V10 tdi biggest pollutor"

    just makes me more proud only regret is that i can't get one with 12 cylinders.
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    WTB: Touareg TDI Engine Cover

    I could use the engine cover for an 04 TDI Touareg (not the center one with the badging, but rather the 3 piece perimeter cover). PM if you have one to sell and thanks.
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    VW Jetta Raffle Who didn't receive a refund letter

    Re: VW Jetta Raffle Who didn\'t receive a refund le just noticed this thread. name is Tyler Hall
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    Interested to trade Golf GLS TDI auto 4 JettaWago

    Funny, I've tried doing the exact same thing twice here on the forum. I have a 2000 Jetta TDI manual, and want any diesel automatic (need the auto transmission for my girlfriend). Nobody bit on my previous attempts, and going through any dealer (used, new, small, large), made little to no...
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    Win an 04 jetta GLS TDI for $20

    i did realize that i had only until 5/20 to request a refund. i don't check the forum all that often. why only until 5/20? i did have the post office forward my mail, but it was a while ago that i moved, and forwarding has stopped....thanks for asking though. my name is Tyler Hall. I can...
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    Win an 04 jetta GLS TDI for $20

    well, sad to hear the news. like to request a refund as well. no sense in letting my money go to such a school. please do send the $40 back. however, i have moved, so a new address will need to be used. I bet the school is going to regret their decision for no other reason than the massive...
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    My Jeep Liberty CRD gallery

    Great Vehicle. I'm calling Dennis to see about trading my TDI Jetta for one. mind if I say i read your posts? I'm jealous!
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    Win an 04 jetta GLS TDI for $20

    I just sent in a check for 2 tickets. Hope the quota is met. That was a very generous thing you did by the way, donating that beautiful new TDI! Tyler Hall
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    1982 Mercedes 300SD for sale

    still available?
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    want to trade: 2000 TDI Jetta manual for any auto

    Re: want to trade: 2000 TDI Jetta manual for any a well, i knew i would take some heat for this post. I've been weighing the decision of keeping vs. trading. The real trick is to get her up the learning curve without bending the car, or worse, herself. probably will try to train her to mesh...
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    want to trade: 2000 TDI Jetta manual for any auto

    I got a nice blue 2000 Jetta manual TDI and I need to trade it for an automatic diesel. Some basics on mine: 77k with the timing belt done by Andersen Automotive of Golden CO (they are an authorized Bosch diesel service center, and Kurt Andersen himself owns a jetta tdi). New cont. tires...
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    Glow plug light goes out quickly on every start

    2000 Jetta TDI manual Here's an interesting situation. I've searched the forums and can't find a similar instance. I recently had my timing belt replaced by Andersen Automotive in Golden, CO - along with the tires, engine oil and other fluids (it was a heavy maintenance cycle - i wasn't...
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    FS: 2000 GLS TDI Jetta 5sp 61k Blue - Colorado

    I was surprised at the level of my loan payout. I was going to put it up for sale around 11 or 12k. I'm going to hang on to it, because it doesn't make financial sense to sell it at this time...unless of course someone out there wants to overpay:) thanks for looking everyone....and again, if...
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    FS: 2000 GLS TDI Jetta 5sp 61k Blue - Colorado

    I guess I'll ask $14,000. My loan payout is $1,500 over that (meaning of course I would have to come up with $1,500 plus that which I need for a TDI auto). I'll entertain offers...Thanks for looking, and ask me any questions you like. I will be 100% honest, and provide any information/photos...
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    FS: 2000 GLS TDI Jetta 5sp 61k Blue - Colorado

    I put up a recent post seeing if there was interest in trading my manual for an automatic (my girlfriend and I are starting to share my car, and she will feel more comfortable and will be safer in an auto). I obviously prefer the manual, but care about her safety and bent metal costs a lot more...
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    2001 GLS Jetta TDI for Sale

    any chance you want to trade for a manual?
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    2000 Jetta GLS tdi manual trade for tdi auto

    My girlfriend and I are going to start sharing my car, and she is more comfortable in an I said I would give it a shot. So, if anyone has an auto and would rather have a manual, let's talk.