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    Ad Blue heater warranty extension

    Got my ad blue heater warranty extension in the mail today, wish I wasn't turning it in, heck half the car is under extended warranties..
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    VW authorizes 20% biofuel in MN

    Received my letter from VW toady for the use of up to 20% in MN with the monitoring of the oil level. If it goes above the full level an oil Change is required regardless of the mileage since the last change. :D
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    RNS 315 map update sale

    Just saw this RNS 315 v6 map update just released and sale for 99 Best price so far that I have seen. :)
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    MN mandates 10% biodiesel

    As of July1st, MN has mandated 10% biodiesel between the months of Jul1st and Oct 1st. This is up from the previous 5% mandate in MN. So are all our warranties void now here in MN or will VW step up and back the 10% law. :confused: The 2015 engine is supposed to be 20% bio-fuel compliant but...
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    Dealership Props in Minneapolis

    So with all the bad reps dealerships get, I wanted to send out some props for my dealership in Minneapolis. Burnsville Luther VW really did a great job handling my impending turbo failure on my 2013 TDI. They worked me in to a very busy schedule when I dropped by for an unscheduled worry about...
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    Emergency flashers during ABS activation(VCDS)

    So I had activated in VCDS the brake light flash during emergency braking. I wasn't sure what it did, but I found out today. During another lovely snowstorm for the Minneapolis commute, I had a car pull out I front of me from a side road while going about 50 mph. I applied the brakes and the...
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    Added the spoiler today

    So I finally installed the factory spoiler today. Ordered it from this site over on vortex.! It came pre-painted factory color match and nice quality. A local shop installed it for $80. Well worth it...
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    New VCDS for anyone south of the Minneapolis metro

    Hey I finally took the plunge and got a Ross Tech so if anyone lives south of the metro and wants to do any tweeks, let me know. I am about 25 minutes south of the 35W/35E spilt near exit 69 on I35.
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    Need sun roof help

    So I finally got a vcds and did some basic changes today. One of the items was the remote open close for the sunroof. Of course I did not try the sunroof before I started and have not used it in months due to the winter. When I went to try it it does nothing, not with remote or manual. I...