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    200,000 mile club... roll call!

    217K miles on my 2000 Golf. Still has original clutch, alternator, fuel pump, shocks along with many smaller parts. Given that there will, most likely, no new VW Diesels coming, I am going to keep this one.
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    DRL on after parking brake set

    I just noticed this, today. After stopping, and setting the parking brake (BRAKE light on in dash), the DRLs stay on. Shutting-down does kill the lights. The car is a MkIV Golf, 2000. No mods to headlights. Any thoughts?
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    200,000 mile club... roll call!

    Now at 207,000 miles (331,000km), and looking at suspension and clutch replacement, which is all original.
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    Where is this water leak coming from? (passenger side, lots of gory pics inside)

    After a few years of a relatively-dry interior, the water is back. Yes, the sunroof drains are clear, the wheel well liners are cleaned-out, and drain holes are clear in air plenum. What I have found is that the lower door seal has come loose. I noticed that the "studs" that hold the seal to...
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    How Many Volkswagens Have You Owned?

    I think that my Dad felt the same way. It did not take long for virtually every piece of hardware to break. Still, the car was 17 years old, and had about 140k miles on it when He got rid of it.
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    How Many Volkswagens Have You Owned?

    Four, in total, for me: 1985 Golf gas 1992 Golf gas 1997 Golf gas 2000 Gold TDI (current) Dad had a 1980 Rabbit, gas (Fun to drive, but not built too well) Sister had a 1967 Beetle Older brother had a 1968 Beetle, and 1974 Beetle Oldest brother had our sister's 1967 Beetle, and then his 1972...
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    Mk IV Golf Headlights w/fog give away in WA

    I recently received two, new MK IV Golf headlights as a birthday present. The old ones were fogged-up, but not severe;y. I tried the various kits to clean-up the fogging, without success. Perhaps someone would want to try their hand at buffing them out, or installing the glass replacement kit...
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    How long before there are no MK4 on the road or no more interest in MK4's

    The headlights were $179, each, w/fogs.
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    How long before there are no MK4 on the road or no more interest in MK4's

    Our A4 Golf is a 2000, with 192k miles on it. It has been very reliable, to date. What am I getting for my birthday? Still-available Hella headlights, to replace the fogged-over ones that I cannot seem to bring back to life. I have yet to come across a "no longer available" part that I needed...
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    CD changer problem

    Thanks, cruiser guy. No, there is not a CD in there. When it works, the CDs insert easily. When not working, the CDs can be pushed in (most of the way), but there is resistance.
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    CD changer problem

    My 2000 Golf has the factory 1-disc player in the dash. The CD will not go completely in, and is pushed back out within several seconds. Any thoughts? Hopefully, a simple fix. Thanks!
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    Front end noise, squeak, suggestions?

    My 2000 Golf has been squeaking, on and off, for several years. When it is in for service, the garage sprays lubricant into the suspension. Interestingly, it makes the same noise when starting the engine (not moving). Any thoughts on that? Thanks!
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    W8 overhead light switch replacement?

    Thanks, Bill. Unfortunately, I no longer have the original with which to compare switches. I gave it to someone else, on this forum, many years ago.
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    W8 overhead light switch replacement?

    Hello, all. The W8 overhead light console that I installed about 10 years ago now needs a new switch to control the driver's side reading light. The switch will not turn off, as the switch button will not lock down. Does anyone know if this switch is a replaceable item. I saw the price of a new...
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    What did you do to your car today?

    Wheel well clean out Following some advice on the site, i cleaned-out the backside of my front wheel wells. I had a floor week several weeks ago. Knowing that the sunroof drains were clear, I researched what might be causing another leak. Some posters had suggested that the area between the...
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    Gear shift vibration and clicking sound

    I have a 2000 Golf with 5-speed transmission. There are no problems engaging gears, but each time I shift, there is a clicking sound coming from the shift lever, as well as an occasional vibration (enough to rattle the shift lever.) I put some lithium grease on the pivot pin, and shift lever...
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    Funk switch - any ideas on how to wire this up

    As an aside, I once saw a replacement panel, from a German website, available for MkIVs that will accommodate two extra switches. This panel replaced the panel to the right of the steering column, and to the left of the radio/HVAC controls. Just in case anyone was running out of space for switches.
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    WTB: Plastic end cap for center vent grill

    After determining that such a part does not exist in EKTA, I went to the hardware store, and purchased a small grommet, which was cut to size. This was placed on the end of the vent grill pivot/mounting pin, and now, the grill stays in the desired position.
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    WTB: Plastic end cap for center vent grill

    Hello, all. What I am looking for would best be described as the plastic (soft) end cap that goes on one end of a center vent grill mounting pin. The purpose is to keep the vent in the desired position. I was removing the vent grill to clean out underneath, and the cap managed to fall inside...
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    Turn Signal Convenience Mod

    I had time to look more closely at this, yesterday, as the pin removal tools from Penclnck arrived. The wiring diagram on the instructions does not match exactly the wires removed from the hazard switch connector. The diagram shows two black wires w/green tracers, and one black wire w/white...