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    Blind Spot Monitor retrofit

    5-panel Wink mirror
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    Is Matt Whitbread still active??

    alive and kickin' - just busy, busy, busy
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    Is Matt Whitbread still active??

    removing post...matt was busy
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    Indianapolis TDI'ers UNITE!

    Filled up the GLK-250 at the Noblesville Co-op and B5 was $0.20 MORE expensive than B20! I can't remember B5 EVER being cheaper than B20 there (or anywhere else). Topped the Bug off with B20, as usual; still scratching my head over the pricing.
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    Race Pipes, EGR Delete Kit's, Block Off Plates.

    Do you have a BHW kit available? Cheers!
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    Knoxville TN members?

    oak ridge.
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    2016, January 30 GTG at DanG144's Chapin, SC

    Dan, I have a lift pump that was installed in 2007/2008. I'd like to get the "fail-safe" retrofit done. Can't afford to be down when driving 28-32K miles per year. Anything I need to bring? Cheers!
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    July 25th Lima ohio

    attending - Matt is replacing the starter in my 6-speed. Cheers!
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    2015 Mercedes GLK 250

    2013 250 BlueTec - 27K+ miles; highway mileage 35-just a tenth shy of 40; city, 29-31. Only drawback - run flats. Had a tire get sliced late one Saturday and was stranded until Monday morning. Give me conventional tires and a full-sized spare.... Love the car; almost bought a second...
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    USRT Upgraded rear shock mount MK4 in my NB-TDI with Bilstein B-16's, full TT front suspension and rack; etc., etc.
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    Get Well Soon: Matt Whitbread

    I'm glad you're okay! I imagined something horrid when I started reading the posts...fingers/hand lost to some metal press, drill, grinder, mill. Therapy will be a real bear if the tendons were severed. The first couple of days are the worst. The very best to you for a speedy and full recovery!
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    Front Sway Bar Removal

    Had front bar removed when the Audi TT control arms were installed in 2006/2007. At that time, I had the 5-speed with Peloquin diff. Much less understeer but not to the point where I was worried about even mild oversteer. Was running Bilstein HD's with Neuspeed SofSport springs. Been running...
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    Mercedes GLK 250 Bluetec Anyone?

    Hi, Have one since May, 2013. Great vehicle; 35-39 MPG on highway; 28-29 MPG in city. No issues to date, knock on wood. Seriously considering a second one to replace Mini JCW which lacks "hauling" room.
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    Knoxville/ East TN TDI GTG'S?

    Oak Ridge
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    Indianapolis TDI'ers UNITE!

    When I was home last weekend, I pulled in to top off the wife's car...WHAT! Diesel-R and out-of-service B-20! Glad to read that the 'R' is actually B-5...phew! I run B-20 in the Bug, but B-5 in the wife's car and the zero-turn and tractor.
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    Whitbread Passat B5.5 BHW GTB2260VK build

    Good to hear the Passat will be up-and-about shortly.
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    Whitbread Passat B5.5 BHW GTB2260VK build

    What's the latest? Is the Passat still at Matt's?
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    2013 Mercedes Benz GLK 2.1L Diesel for North America

    You'll love it. The lack-luster brakes have magically disappeared. I drove it for the first 1,000 or so miles in May and haven't driven it since as it's the BossLady's car. Drove it last week and was amazed when it came time to brake - no more "Is it gonna stop?" when pressing the brake...
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    Matt Whitbread (Whitbread on TDIClub) in Richmond - I-94E to 30 mile rd.
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    Whitbread Passat B5.5 BHW GTB2260VK build

    Is the upgrade kit from Ryan? Matt and Ryan will get you back in action...unlike certain others.