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    feeler-2006 jetta pk 1 DSG TDI 54k miles in TX

    sold-2006 jetta pk 1 DSG TDI 54k miles in TX Sold starting this out at 8500. price drop to 8000 obo. It is silver with the dark grey interior. Package 1 car with the DSG. So it has heated seats, but is the leatherette. It just hit 54k miles, probably will be closer to 55k when I sell...
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    water in rear driver floor where to check

    so there is a back story to this. 2006 jetta tdi. I have owned it since new. never had a leak problem before. in Jan I took the car in for hail damage. took them 2 weeks to get the car back maybe 3. don't remember for sure. I had to take it back 3 times for them to correct issues with the...
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    hard start after sitting a week then runs and starts normal.

    06 jetta tdi. 42k miles. I don't drive it much any more. so it I use a trickle charger to keep the battery up. it might run once a week. I get it to operating temp, but still don't drive it far. a few times, not every time, after sitting like this, it won't start right away like normal. I...
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    loud intermittent buzzing noise passenger side engine

    loud intermittent buzzing noise passenger side inside the car editing to change where the noise is. turns out, I thought I kept missing the noise because when I got to the engine bay I couldn't hear it over the engine noise. it appears to only be inside on the passenger side behind the dash...
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    ross tech vag com serial to usb adapter found

    I found a thread about this somewhere else, not many people had good ideas on how to do it. someone mentioned this. I happen to own one for another efi system and gave it a try. been keeping an old gateway with windows 98 on it to...
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    timing -4.7 btdc how do I fix it?

    just did the timing belt on my06 jetta. got the vag com hooked up and it says 4.7 btdc. I can't figure out how to adjust it.
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    timing belt change tip

    none of the instructions I read mention this. I just finished installing my new timing belt on my 06 jetta. I discovered that if you leave that roller bearing out next to the tensioner and put the belt around everything else including the tensioner, that the bearing is so slick, you can shove...
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    replacement dsg filters shorter?

    I got a kit to replace my dsg filter and fluid from id parts for my 06 jetta tdi. I pulled the filter under the battery tray and it is taller than the one I got in the kit. by almost an inch. also the one that came out was basically metal mesh, the one I got was the cottony looking. is this...
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    most complete brm timing belt replacement kit?

    I see ID parts, Bora, and metal nerd. each has something a little different in their kits. each one claims to be complete. anyone use any of them? issues? or somewhere else to try?
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    changing timing belt due to age?

    06 jetta tdi with not quite 40k miles on it. bought it new in july of 06. so it is almost 6 years old. just wondering if people change them due to age as well since I won't hit 80k miles in a while. getting ready to do the fluid change in the dsg. thought I might take on the timing belt. but...
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    coolant change needed? 2006

    I know coolant doesn't last forever, but I thought it lasted longer than 30k miles. dealer called me to see if I wanted it change. 06 tdi with 35k miles on it.
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    06 jetta noise at idle flapper bouncing noise

    my wife noticed it, and I guess I just ignore it. when the car sits at idle, periodically you hear what I call a flapper closing and bouncing closed again. Pretty consitant 3 times. I thought it was something rolling around in the car as I only heard it coming to a stop. but sitting at the...
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    metal flakes in the oil? 2006 jetta tdi

    I just did my 30k oil change. Pulled the magnetic drain plug and found a bunch of metal flakes on it. About 5 or 6, flat metal flakes. Pretty small. Where would this be from? Pretty sure bearing material is non-ferrious. Did this show up for the cam failures?
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    adding water to the battery

    Have an 06 jetta tdi. Just before the 06.5. Thought I would top off the water in the battery, but don't see how to open it. I saw a pic of someone elses and they had screw in caps for each cell, but mine does not have those.
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    coolant loss?

    I bought my 06 tdi new in july. Mostly check the coolant once a month or so. Noticed that the coolant level was below the low mark now. I was wondering if this was normal or not? I normally don't see any losses at all in any new car, but this pink stuff might be different.
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    Is there a benifit to a 2009 over 2006?

    Based on what I can sell my 2006 for and what I can buy a 2009 for, it is almost a wash in cost. But I don't see anything better about the 2009 to trade on except it is a new car. Just curious on opinions. I'd like to think all the bugs are worked out of my 2006 and I am just asking for new...
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    a/c issues?

    Not sure. Might just be me and the fact that it is over 100 here. I don't remember this being a problem last year. In the morning and afternoon when I start my car, the a/c doesn't seem to kick in at idle. It seems like I have to get moving first before I get any a/c. 2006 jetta. Anyone else...
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    bad mileage again.. any one else?

    2006 jetta was getting around 36 37 in town. About a year or so ago it did this and I changed the fuel filter. Not sure if it did anything, but it eventually came back up in mileage from 30mpg back up to the 36mpg. I have another 7k miles on it since then, and the last calc I did showed I had...
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    Is there a way to do your own warranty work?

    2006 jetta tdi. The brake booster seems to be going. The dealer sees it and hears it, but are jerking me around about when they can get to my car. Just making me mad. I have never tried before, and I know the dealer doesn't have to be the only one that does the work, but how do you get paided...
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    brake booster leaking

    2006 jetta tdi, if I hit the brakes, mash them to the floor, then let up a little bit, I get a continuous hiss from under the dash. Not just the little noise from when you press down, but a full blown vacuum leak noise. Does anyone else have this? Is this normal for jetta brakes? I never...