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    Looking at a 2014 Sportwagen with limp mode

    Is the VNT moving? Possibly disconnected? Loose boost hose/coupling? Did they change the DPF? The oil from a blown turbo would have plugged it up. If not expect to delete it or wait 4-6 months for a new DPF.
  2. J

    Dealer screwed up oil change - Now what?

    I would wait for the results of the oil sample.
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    Air in Fuel Lines (replaced the entire fuel system)

    I agree that is has to do with the lift pump. First confirm that it is running and pumping fuel. Check the pickup tube/fuel inlet strainer for cracks. The fact this is worse below 3/4 tank seems to point that way.
  4. J

    Towing-Brake Controller

    I used a similar Tekonsha on our now gone Jetta. Worked great, wired in the 7 pin flat plug on a swing down bracket that came with the Euro hitch. You'll also need a 3 to 2 taillight converter.
  5. J

    2003 vw diesel wagon

    Where about in Florida?
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    Drilling a drain hole in the intercooler plumbing

    The general thinking is that the residual engine heart will allow it to drain. The water from the car wash spraying on the CAC would cool it and cause condensation. I always leave it running.
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    Dodge Dakota Quad 4X4 ALH

    Great build, makes me wish I was still in Charlotte.
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    My 2" hitch 2.0 version (Making my Jetta TDI a tow monster)

    Great write up. For anyone else I'd suggest air bags instead of towing springs. It's nice to have a soft ride at times. Excellent fab work.
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    Oil leak from valve cover area

    Not having a garage I haven't wanted to work on it in the cold and wind. Probably will know by next weekend.
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    Drilling a drain hole in the intercooler plumbing

    The problem isn't the cold, the most events are when the weather is in the 30-45° ranges. The warm, most air is pulled in and consensus in the IC.
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    anyone know where to get the eurohitch without paying $150 for shipping?

    We bought the P.F. Jones after doing a pile of research. It's the best price available on "this side of the pond."
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    Oil leak from valve cover area

    The leak was found before the fill. The dipstick showed 3/4 quart low.
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    Oil leak from valve cover area

    Greetings, I need some advice on the source of an oil leak found during an oil change. The area around the injectors has oil on it. The "gallery" where the bolts are have oil in then. Oil is running down the rear of the engine/turbo. Ideas? Cracked valve cover? Loose bolts?
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    19 Gallon Aux Fuel Tank

    If you've ever driven a vehicle with 250 gal of fuel, it's nice to be able to plan fuel stops based on price. You can always stop more just to pee :-) My current work takes me twice a week across state lines with nearly a $0.50 price savings. Last week I rolled in with 5 miles on the display...
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    Dsg tuning

    The Malone tune made out a different car. Do it.
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    CR OBDII tune swapping?

    He has to have them "not ready" or it would bypass carb/epa/b.s. and be a street legal delete. Deletes are only for off road or non smog areas.
  17. J

    CR OBDII tune swapping?

    Except the dpf delete tune does not pass the "readiness set" part of the obd plug in test.
  18. J

    CR OBDII tune swapping?

    I guess I'm curious if they could be easily swapped, like bullydog or edge times. I'm more than willing to pay Malone for his work, I just want the swap ability.
  19. J

    CR OBDII tune swapping?

    Does anyone know if Malone is locking them down? Andrew ? It only takes a few hours to do a dpf, I've worked all night to do an engine swap :D
  20. J

    CR OBDII tune swapping?

    I'm a little behind this year. Correct me if I'm wrong, all CR engines can now be tuned through the obd port? If so, can a car that runs a dpf delete reinstall the dpf, back flash, and pass inspection then revert after? Years back we kept a stock v6 at my brothers speed shop. Guys would borrow...