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    Resetting Oil Change Reminder

    We have 2 GSW rigs, and neither one has the oil level sensor.
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    DSG DMF reassembly problem

    Splines on trans and DSG not lined up? The flywheel can have the center module move around like a clutch disk.
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    Coolant Loss Mystery

    Do your proper homework. There is a different crank alignment tool than all other previous models. I can do the belt in probably less than 3 hours, and I’ve done 3 of them. Doesn’t include the other service things that are usually done, DSG, engine oil, or fuel filter. Do the tensioner and belt...
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    KESSY problem/fault

    Everything that I could physically check, and check with vagcom is ok. I took a chance and ordered a pair of door handles. Replaced the drivers, cleared the codes, and works like normal. Just have to have the handle painted. Tried a diy color match spray paint, turned out like poo. So off to the...
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    KESSY problem/fault

    Wiring in door boot is good. I ohm tested between the door plug, and the door handle plug, jiggled wires, tested ok. I know that it’s not a load test, but that’s the best I can do with what I have. Searched all over online and it’s a very difficult item to get used that’s in the US. Can get it...
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    KESSY problem/fault

    Our 15 wagon is having an issue with the kessy remote unlock. Touching the drivers door handle doesn’t unlock the car, nor lock the car. Inside, the MFI gives a keyless fault. VCDS-Mobile scan shows a B116f fault code for antenna open circuit. All I could find online is in the Phaeton forums...
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    CP3 fuel pump upgrade thread

    Flush and filter the fuel system the best that I could, maybe even drop the tank for a cleaning. If you have any inclination to send the injectors out for cleaning I hear S&S can do it. Then run the new cp3.
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    Tandem pump rebuilt - now failing to start?

    You can remove the return line from the pump as it meets the filter to see if you are getting any air. All while using the VCDS to cycle the pump in he tank.
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    06 jetta cranks no start

    Make 100% sure all of the fuel lines that you touched aren’t plugged. I have had the inner plastic lining fold back over inside, and limit how much fuel gets by. It was at the end of a line that had been recently cut. When I was pushing the line back on, the plastic folded over, creating a 1way...
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    2006 sticking Jetta brakes, where to start?

    Car sat for roughly 14 months before I purchased it and put a new engine into it. I have checked all of the caliper slides, and lubricated them. Flushed the brake fluid as well. Before I did all of that, on the inaugural drive pulling out of the shop, the pedal stayed down as low I pushed it to...
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    Air in fuel return BRM, no start.

    It’s a BRM. Can’t crack the injection lines. I ended up figuring out what the problem was. The supply line has a clear inner coating/liner. To make a long story short, that liner can come loose and collapse. Especially where lines have been cut and join metal. It had folded over, against the...
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    DSG clutch pack shuddering

    To give closure on this, I ended up replacing the DSG with a lower mileage unit, and it works great.
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    2006 sticking Jetta brakes, where to start?

    I have a exact same issue with the exact same age / try of car. Bleed the fluid, didn’t seem good. Problem still there. Tempting to replace the master cylinder. But watching what others do.
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    2006 Jetta TDI BRM cranks won't start (no check engine or glow plug lights). VCDS info included in post for Guru's use.

    I had a very similar issue, stalling, flashing PRNDL and all. Would run for a while and then die. After about 20 minutes it would restart. Turned out to be the power supply relay in the engine compartment fuse panel would intermittently work. Only use an OEM relay. It’s relatively cheap. Under 30$.
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    Oil leaking from PCV inlet into turbo

    Apologize for the lack of information. It’s an 06 Jetta with BRM and DSG. We also deleted the EGR, left the asv in place and put a 3” turbo back exhaust on it with the new turbo. It appears that the car has leaked from the spot of the turbo intake before new turbo. I remember when cleaning...
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    Oil leaking from PCV inlet into turbo

    Just put in a new Xman turbo in my sons car, cleaned the intake, and all of the area around it. It was wet from oil leaks. After about 200 miles went to check everything out underneath. And found that the inlet side of the turbocharger plastic pipe is dripping a small amount of oil. I believe...
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    Golf rattle and reverse click

    Need to get a stethoscope to locate the exact component that’s making the clicking with the engine running. Reverse noise sounds gearbox relax. Internal.
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    Air in fuel return BRM, no start.

    How much air in the fuel return line is an acceptable amount? I’m getting small bubbles with a fluid extractor attachment. Generally small ones. At first there was a lot. Now not so much. I have a 06 BRM Jetta that refuses to start after significant engine work. Tandem pump removal, engine...
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    Idle noise 06 Jetta TDI

    Dual mass flywheel failure.
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    South Bend Clutch ID help.

    It definitely has the same material on both sides, I can see lots of copper. Now to see if they do rebuilds. The flywheel looks in great condition.