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    Argonne National Laborator -- TDI & Hybrid dynamometer testing

    Here's the original post... Thought it was neat informtion.
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    FS: ST coilovers for MKVI Jetta TDI Sedan

    Part #90877. They have ~2k miles on them. Traded into a Hybrid SEL. These are about as nice as it gets without buying new. I didn't run them low either since it was for DD. I kept FTG at about 25.75" all around. I only added them for better handling characteristics within OEM operation...
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    Don't hate me :(

    Traded the TDI for a Hybrid. I purchased prior to these coming out but this suits my needs better with the city driving that's in my routine. Also, the numbers were heavily in my favor, especially since the price was $23.8k The big swing was the discounted price, no more potential for HPFP...
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    Golf DG Springs

    Just purchased part # 5K4071677A I found the following thread... A GLI owner used these successfully on their MK6; as well as others...
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    Best Audio Build yet!!

    If you're a fan of can appreciate the following... This isn't about hair tricks or flexing panels. I'm not a fan of the mid...
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    Black/Tan '12 Jetta w/17" Anthracite Goals

    Thought I'd finally post a couple of photos of it being lowered...not that anybody really cares :) Before... After... Sorry about the tree being in the way.
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    What in the world am I doing wrong? I have to mention this when I go in for my 10k service. I'm currently at 9k and my fuelly signature will explain. Anything deviating higher is because I drove on the interstate at some point. I will say that before using fuelly I hand calculated a single...