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    VW site dealer inventory page?

    I have been all over the site and cannot locate the dealer inventory page. Can someone send me a link to it?
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    current price on a jetta wagon

    Looking for responses as to what you paid for your Jetta Wagon. Percentage under sticker would be best. Trying to get an idea what to shoot for. I will most likely buy a loaded one.
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    Looking for a Jetta Wagon

    I am looking for a Jetta Wagon. Loaded with tan leather seats. Automatic transmission. First choice color is white, second is that purpleish blue. I think it is called galactic blue but not sure. I live in the Pacific Northwest. I traveled to Texas to pick up my last TDI (a NB). But...
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    Need help...found this part..don't know what it is

    Need help...found this part..don\'t know what it is I found this part when I dropped the plastic cover to do an oil change. Can someone tell me what it is and where it goes? Seems like a bushing for something. Looked all around and can't determine where it goes. It is soft rubber. Car is a...
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    Fuel filter clamp part number

    I need to know the part number for the clamps on the fuel filter. They ate the spring loaded type. One of mine was way too weak. If there is a suitable substitute that would be okay too. I though about radiator clamps but did not think that to be a good replacement. I heard zip ties can be...
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    A forum perspective...

    How many forum members does it take to change a light bulb? Taken from a post over on Columbus Racing. (1) Changes the light bulb and posts that it has been replaced. (12) Share their experiences in light bulb changing and methods of replacing bulbs. (7) warn that changing the light bulb is...
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    b20 for cleaning

    I am ccv'ed and stealth egr'ed. Was wondering if running B20 every once in a while would be good as a preventative (intake) cleaning measure? Also is B20 higher cetane than regular fuel. Of course there is no sticker on the pump. We just got B20 here so I figured I would ask these questions.
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    Night B4 Xmas--TDI style

    Twas the night before Xmas....TDI style 'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the burbs Not a creature was stirring, not even the turbs; The Piper X filter’s hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that no controversy soon would be there; The children were nestled all snug in...
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    VW window letter scan

    For those of you who may not get the letter about the VW window problem/warranty extension I have posted a copy here.... You will have to zoom it (right click and select Zoom In) or right click and save it to view the actual size. It should...
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    CCV kit

    What do you think of this kit? Not much detail or info on their site....Says it works on all VW's... . . . [ November 17, 2002, 15:40: Message edited by: u4ea ]
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    Flashing third brake light

    Has anyone seen a mod or circuit to make the upper (third) brake light flash for a few seconds before going solid? I saw this on a motorcycle once and thought it was a great safety feature.
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    Should I adjust my timing?

    I am ccv'ed and stealth egr'ed. When off roading. My timing is at 51 and 116. I have a 2002 beetle with an automatic transmission and 13k on the odometer. On a commute of 15 highway and 15 stop and go miles I get 38 mpg on summer fuel. I use Stanadyne every tank. I am wondering.... Should...
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    TOYS R Us Beetle/Microbus

    I just took my nephew to his favorite store, Toys R Us. My niece has a Barbie New Beetle. Of course, it is a TDI. But now I see there is a VW Microbus too. What gives? Are kids that hip to VW's? Or was it just to hard for Ken to get fresh with Barbie in the back of the Beetle?
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    Ultimate VU meters for TDI

    This is cool,,,no? Diesel Fuel only VU meters. A must have for the TDI enthusiast. Now if it were only vented. I am getting 800 songs per tank. VU meter plugin for Winamp can be found here........ Winamp is used to play mp3 files on your pc...
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    New Valvoline oil

    Looks like some competition for Delvac. Valvoline Premium Blue EXTREME. Click here to read about it I also have a magazine called Diesel Progress which has an article about it. Supposedly this oil has DPT technology. Dispersive Polymer Technology. This technology claims to disperse soot...
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    Impex air filter

    I just noticed that Impex has the air filter for a TDI for $12. I assume this is not a factory VW one right? I want to make sure this is not one that does not fit right. Anyone use this on their TDI? I do not want to ruin a MAF.
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    Proper lift procedure for Beetle

    I was at a tire place the other day and they cracked a mud flap. No problem as they admitted to it and are paying. They basically drove it over the lift when the lift was too high and cracked it. However, this brings to mind a question. What is the proper way to lift the bug with a hydraulic...
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    Which of these is the best

    I live in Idaho. not much choice for diesel fuel. Which of these is the best? Texaco Chevron Tesoro Flying J No more Amoco here
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    Dealer oil overfill mystery solved!!!!!

    This is from the VW factory service manuals. Notice where and when it tells you to "top up" It is in Word format which is the only way I could extract it. [ September 05, 2002, 08:16: Message edited by: u4ea ]
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    Amoco gone...Tesoro in...

    All of my local Amoco stations here are being changed to Tesoro stations. Apparently Tesoro (A Salt Lake City refinery) has bought them out. I do not know if it is just a local thing or what. Of course Cetane stickers are no where to be found. Anyone know if this is good fuel?