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    Help! Need to find comparable prices for 2004 GLS TDI sedan for insurance

    This is a lousy answer, but tell them you are going to have to sue the other driver. You are entitled to be restored to where you were before the collision. The adjuster's job is to cheat you out of what you have coming.
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    Oil Drip backside of engine

    Could be a valve cover gasket leak. However, I think there is some turbo stuff back there too.
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    Overheating BEW

    It turns out it was the upper expansion tank hose had blown out. $ 61.57 part, plus coolant, labor, etc.
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    Overheating BEW

    No return to the reservoir when I checked that. Oil was not low and did not have water in it. Wolf told me he only uses genuine VW parts, so the water pump should have been a good one, if it was replaced 9,000 miles ago. This makes me leery of taking it back to Wolf's and Fixum Haus is...
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    Overheating BEW

    Yesterday I drove up to Costco in Las Vegas. On the way home, I-11 near Boulder City, the car suddenly overheated. Outside temp was around 110 and AC was on full blast and I was going 68 mph. I slowed down through the gears and added water to the reservoir. It looked good enough for a while...
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    Solar thread

    I have had my solar for nine years now. It cost $ 20,000 and I got $ 7,000 in state and federal tax credits. No maintenance costs at all so far. It has paid for itself so I think the return on investment in Arizona is excellent. I suspect it works out quite well in Colorado also. Currently...
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    2006 Jetta TDI 5-Speed, 308,858 miles

    It sounds like your engine is not getting fuel, so starter fluid would be bad for your engine with no benefit. When I change my fuel filter and don't fill it manually, my car will start and then die. It then takes several minutes of cranking before the filter fills with fuel and my car starts...
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    New to the TDI family. What should I watch out for?

    Stay away from VW dealers for any engine maintenance, especially the one in Vancouver, WA. I have found Fixum Haus on Lombard in Portland to be very good for my engine. I drove all the way up there for my second timing belt change (first one was done there also, but it was only about 70 miles...
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    Help! Trusted mechanic needed within 200 miles of southern Oregon

    Fixum Haus on Lombard in Portland. I drove up there for the 200,000 timing belt change. I did my last one in Las Vegas. I will probably drive to Portland for the 400,000 mile one, if the car and I live long enough.
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    Help with insurance adjustor?

    I would write to the at fault driver and let him know you are filing a suit against him. That is who you sue, not his insurance company. He will panic and call his insurance. Then his insurance company will be forced to defend him, at great cost. They will raise their offer, unless they are...
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    Replacement battery info and advice

    I have a BEW and it cranks pretty slowly on these cold mornings. The battery is 4 years old as of December 12, but batteries don't last long in Arizona. In the past I have always gotten OEM batteries because the price was best. Or, did it just seem best because the battery was not as good as...
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    Front bumper cover recommendations

    The The only leftover remnants consisted of the old bumper cover. Son-in-law cut that up with a Ryobi battery skill saw and it fit nicely in the garbage can.
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    No start after fuel filter replacement?

    Mine is a 2005 BEW. I have learned, the hard way, to fill the filter most of the way with diesel before installing it. Otherwise, my symptoms were it would start and then die as it used up the fuel in the line past the filter. Then I had to crank it quite a while before the filter got enough...
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    Front bumper cover recommendations

    We got a replacement rear bumper cover for my wife's Civic from Paint a Part in Houston. It was $297. It came in a box that was way too short. It was folded in thirds. The instructions started out with "Don't panic." I set it out in the sun and soon had a proper bumper. It took my...
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    Who’s going to Tesla after their current TDI?

    I got delivery of my Mach E today. It took just barely short of seven months from when I ordered it.
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    What’s the best Manual Tranny Fluid?

    I have always used the VW fluid.
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    Is there a good VW TDI mechanic around Vancouver area? Thank you all.

    When I lived up that way I always went to Fixum Haus on Lombard in North Portland. Oops, wrong Vancouver.
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    Would you buy it??? 305k miles 2004 Jetta Wagon Manual $4k

    I have not used 505.01 oil in 205k miles. Does that mean my Jetta is toast? I think it sounds like a good deal. Starting and driving it will tell most of what OP needs to know.
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    Bad Belt Tensioner?

    I was replacing the alternator and I learned a lot. Good luck with it.
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    BEW guys, 80k means 80k! (Or 5 Years)

    I have a 2005 BEW. I replaced the timing belt at almost exactly 100k, 200k and 300k. Last belt looked so good I thought about stretching out the next one by a few thousand miles. Now you tell me they only go 80k. Sigh....