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    FS Clusters from TDI

    I have 2 complete clusters and 2 boards with MFA. The clusters are listed below 1. 1J0 920 905 L (immo2) 0 miles and SKC 2. 1J0 920 906 L (immo3) 0 miles and SKC 3. 1J5 920 926C (immo3) 0 miles and SKC, this is just a board 4. 1J0 920 926C (immo3) 0 miles ans SKC, just a board. The clusters...
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    FS. Winter wheels and Kamei

    For sale few items left from my car. The tires are used for 4k miles, and they are Dunlop Graspic DS2. The gril is Kamei sport, painted satin silver.
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    FS. Oil pan with sensor and mfa cluster board

    The oil pan is still in the box, it was bought 3 years ago and I didn’t have time to install. The cluster board is European 1j5 920 926 cx with miles to empty and 0 miles (SKC is included); it’s just a board without faces or housing (except the back housing). Its fully working with dual color...
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    Coding procedure for CCM Window Modification

    For the initial discussion of this modification using Vagproduct KVW100 see these threads: Or this thread: when working on 1j0 xxx xxx values posted on the net are different that the US...
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    FS: VW NAVI 3B0 035 191D-SOLD

    I have for sale used Navi wit PIN(just unit without triplex or maps). Its plug and play with cars 2000-2002 (single din), it’s possible to make adapter for double din car. Price: $ 800 shipped via FedEx Express.
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    TDI front axle weight ( spring related)?

    Just curious what is front axle weight, I am considering using H&R sport springs for 2.0 L engine in my TDI, I did check website H&R in UK and US, and according to them (UK H&R): 29526-1 VW Golf IV, BORA incl. GTI (1J), Seat Leon, Toledo incl. Cupra R (1M); up to 165kW, 2WD axle weight [kg]...
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    Glove box door difference

    Just wanted to know if anyone used new glow box lid in older car? My POS glove box just broke, went to dealer and new 2003 cars have different part # 1J1857121E, my 2001 vw has 1J1880882D? Should I use new part #?
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    How to change or remove VIN in used cluster ?

    Just installed used MFA cluster Immo 3 , my car (2001 Golf Immo. II) coded correctly, everything is fine except I can’t get rid of the VIN from the old car. How to replace VIN or remove completely from cluster?
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    Hail Damage

    My car was recently damaged during hail storm, even plastic shield below windshield is cracked. Which dent removal company would you recommend Dent Wizard or Dentbuster? or maybe use gay working with luxury cars at the body shop? The insurance will hike the bill, so it’s not that bad.
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    Glow plug part #

    I need advice before ordering, my current glow plug #Bosch 0250202022, looking through they list N10140105 for $20 or for $27.15 the same glow plug as I have now. Which one to order? What is the difference? My car is 2001 Golf 5-sp
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    Yesterday I found a very good source of Delvac: