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    Who got the payment from BOSCH?

    Received and in the bank....should have gotten more than that tho....oh well. The lawyers made out.
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    'fess up - who got emotional handing back keys

    I got so emotional I jumped up and down and ran out of the dealership and jumped into my 2015 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid that VW bought for me with the BIGGEST smile on my laughing face!
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    Bosch settlement

    OK Bosch.... just knock off all the talk and send me my $$$.
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    Faster, Higher, Farther: The Volkswagen Scandal

    So why pay good money for a bad book? Don't we all know first-hand what happened?
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    Horrible Buy Back Experience .. The Worst.

    My "LIZ" handled my buy back much differently.... She showed me my check BEFORE we started the paperwork in her office. She had already taken her photos and had started the car prior to any time in her office. So, I was looking at the check at the same time I was signing the car over to VW...
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    Buyback day is Tuesday - 12 in. of snow forecast - What to do?

    So - how much white crap did you get? Here just south of Baltimore we got only 1 1/2 " of slush!! Did you make your appt?
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    It's finally gone !!!

    Overall since purchase last June, 37MPG over 11 fuel-ups and best of 46MPG while running mostly in urban speed limits last November. 40-50 MPH. This according to FUELLY. And the ride is SOOOO much better than the Passat!! Only thing I miss is the rain-sensing wipers.
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    It's finally gone !!!

    Drove the Passat into Antwerpin VW at 2:15PM for a 2:30 appt for turn in. Drove out with my check that more than covered what I paid for my '15 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. Turned in plates to MD DMV, deposited check from VW to pay back my savings account into bank and was home by 3:30PM !! No...
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    OEM Wheels for buyback?

    As long as the bolt holes line up you can put on square wheels so long as the engine starts and if you put it in gear it goes.......
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    Defeat devices causing deaths

    I know this is true too...My grandfather smoked his whole life It killed him at age 98 !!!
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    What Motivates You To Take Your Buy Back Sooner?.

    1. Passat no longer had the MPG then before the required ECM update. 2. Wife hated the Passat - wouldn't even drive it. 3. VW offer was financially too good to pass up. 4. Great deal on the new car. And new car was less expensive to run. 5. VW ended up giving me more than the new (to me)...
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    19 days later, no EFT email

    Since Feb 3rd he said in the very first post......
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    Two Month Club

    Will be 4 months on the 27th! But - the buyback is scheduled for 15 days from now - FINALLY !! Come on March 9th at 2:30PM. Need to be paying my saving account back for the cash I used to buy my new (to me) 2015 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid ! Payment from VW will cover the cost of buying that...
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    Ugh, now there's a downside to parking the TDI...

    Pellet guns are VERY effective! AND quiet!
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    Need buyback advice

    I'd just drive it in...if it isn't TOO far - don't say anything. Prob going to the shredder anyway. Leave the spare on there. Just as to be driveable and have seats. Can you look under there and see what's causing the noise?
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    how long does it take for buyback?

    Depends on your AGE! And the mortality rate for that age . If you are OLD, it could be FOREVER!
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    Visit Baltimore to wave goodbye

    I live near salty air ! And lots of fresh water rain. At least THIS year..... and I don't think the shredder cares either way.
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    Marylanders With TDI Recalls

    No one else have a comment in MD?
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    Marylanders With TDI Recalls

    I'd give that $ back if they'd give me back the sales (excise) tax.
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    Marylanders With TDI Recalls

    Maryland does NOT have a "SALES TAX" on automobiles. It is an EXCISE TAX. Also called a "Titling Tax". Here's the MVA's main page about it.