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    Front end swap

    I'm tossing around the idea, of taking the front end off of my (seized, mouse crap infested) two door '99.5 Golf, and putting it on my '02 Jetta Wagon, which has a crunched front fender, and damaged front bumper.. Would this be a fairly straightforward swap, or might there be issues with the 2...
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    Parasitic electrical drain - Is there a 'typical' spot, where this originates?

    My 2002 Jetta wagon runs down the battery inside of a few days. Since I am retired, and do not drive much these days, the only thing that I can do in the meantime, is disconnect the battery. Electrical problems seem to be my nemesis, with these cars. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
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    No Reverse lights!

    I took the 2002 Jetta in for the annual NYS inspection, and it flunked, due to the backup lights being inop. I feverishly looked through the fuse panel, but could not find a bad fuse. I am now driving around without an inspection sticker. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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    2002 Jetta Wagon: Camber/Toe adjustment (?)

    My rear wheels toe in, and the camber is of the negative variety.Is there any adjustments on the MkIV for rear wheel alignment?
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    AC problem. Something was burning

    My problem is with My 2004 Audi TT Mk I, which is the same format as the MkIV VW. I'm thinking that the AC system should be similar to my 2002 TDI wagon. I'm more @ home asking advice in this forum, since I've been a member here, for 15 years. :) I was driving the car yesterday (A brutally hot...
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    Hidden Coolant leak

    My 2002 Jeta wagon, has a stealth coolant leak that I am having trouble finding.I was under the car, and there was coolant slowly dripping from the passenger side of the oil pan, from above. I was thinking that the coolant flange that houses the thermostat, was the culprit. I replaced the...
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    Rear hatch question

    I am going to transplant the front end from my '99.5 Golf, to my 2002 Jetta Wagon. I'm going to replace the radiator,and the fans, at the same time. The rear hatch on the Jetta is not in great shape. The Golf hatch is pristine. The Golf hatch looks like it probably won't fit the Jetta, but I...
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    Turn signal switch

    I went through hell, and back again, recently, with a bad clockspring/steering wheel wire harness. I finally resolved the issue. Now, my turn signals can only be turned off manually, instead of the steering wheel doing this automatically. Anyone have any ideas about this?
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    2002 Jetta/ Needs Clockspring install

    I need some advice for installing the Clockspring in my 2002 Jetta wagon. Besides disconnecting the battery, is there anything that I should be aware of for the installation?? As always, any advice is much appreciated!:)
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    Looking for a 2002 Mkiv steering rack

    On Car-Part dot com, the rack seems to be specific to tire size. (???) That doesn't make any sense to me. (Anybody?) Anyway, I'm looking for a clean, used rack, with the Banjo Bolts, for my 15" All Season tires. 2002 Jetta wagon five speed. Thanks!
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    Leaking power steering fluid...

    My '02 Jetta wagon is currently not driveable, as I have a very sudden, and fast leak of power steering fluid. I haven't had time to slip under the car, to see what is going on, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it is not the rack. In such a situation, is it more likely that the pump has...
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    Started up the '02 Jetta wagon today, and...

    ...the speedometer, AND the temperature gauge were inop. My fuel tank is about 1/2 full, but when turning a corner, the low fuel warning came on for an instant. I've never experienced these behaviors before, When I parked the car the other day, all was well. Any ideas??:eek:
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    Alternator bolt busted in half

    The MkIV alternator removal procedure is something on the order of torture to this backyard mechanic. The bottom alternator bolt is stripped, and well rusted over. Did I mention the other half still resides in the alternator mount? :mad::mad::mad: I don't know how to approach this one. There is...
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    '02 Jetta alternator light blinking

    My Jetta ALT. warning light blinks on and off briefly at speed, but seems OK @ idle. When I start the car up, I get that 'bad belt tensioner ' 'chirp' that I used to hear in my B4V. It's cold,and snowy here, so I am going to see if I can get away with replacing the voltage regulator assembly...
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    Power Service & Diesel 911

    I live in Upstate new York, where temperatures can be hellishly low sometimes. On occasion, I've used the above mentioned products in anticipation of the next arctic blast of bone chilling temps. It was recently minus 12ºF. around here, and power service and diesel 911 have both failed me, and...
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    ABS light on

    Maybe by coincidence, but the ABS light came on after last year's NYS vehicle inspection. I heard a quick anti-lock 'scrape', and the light quickly came on, and been on ever since. I pulled the front wheel. and the wires off of the brake pads were still intact. I have a 2002 Jetta Wagon. My...
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    '02 Jetta Wagon rear hatch issue

    ...Can't get my rear hatch open with the switch, or the key. :-( Any easy fix for this, or am I looking at an ordeal?
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    Looking for '96 B4V driver's side strut assembly

    Just trying to get it going again after a traffic mishap.
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    Lost power on the way to work..

    It was 4ºF. when I started the 2002 Jetta Wagon this morning. I let it run for about a half hour before leaving for work at 6:45 Am. No problem. Nice, warm car. I drove about 15 miles, and while I was suddenly losing power, the car started throwing blue smoke, and a LOT of it, before it died on...
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    Any LED bulbs available for MkIV headlights?

    My wife has a 2016 Subaru,and the headlight brightness,and coverage just destroys my 2002 Jetta Wagon. Does anyone know of a set of plug 'n play bulbs that might increase the brightness of my headlamps. I've already replaced the plastic lenses with glass. Not interested in spending a fortune for...