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    2015 Purchase

    New to Touareg but not tdi diesels. Dealer has a recent lease that was brought in with 36k miles. Managers wife. 28,900 miles fuel tank removed and replaced, muffler replaced 33,590 miles crankshaft oil seals replaced, fuel pump replaced, intake manifold gaskets replaced. Work was done at the...
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    FS: Ross-Tech Micro-CAN cable for 05.5-current & ScanGauge II

    Used one time. $200 shipped to lower 48.
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    Steering drift

    I'm now on my second NMS Passat and both exhibited/exhibit excessive drift to the right. In my opinion, my 2013 is worse than my 2012. Is this normal? Has anyone been successful in getting the dealership to correct? Thanks, Jared
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    2012 Passat accessories for sale

    All new. Bought new car and using left overs from my previous Passat. Monster mats with trunk liner, cargo blocks, carpet mats (grey) and first aid kit. Also have used black carpet mats as well. Not looking to make about $150 plus actual shipping for all new?
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    Thank You Passat!

    Wife and kids were rear ended by an Expedition traveling 60+mph this morning. All were OK with a few bruises! Both kids were in the rear seat with one in car seat. Most likely will be totaled as the trunk was near the rear seat! I thank God and my family's guardian angels were watching...
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    DIY Oil Change

    This is my first car and in the past I have always changed my own oil in my trucks. What are you guys doing to change your oil? Top side or bottom? If bottom, how are you lifting the car, with ramps, etc and are you lifting all four tires. If top side, what do you recommend for an extractor?
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    Turbo whine/whistling

    Can anyone comment if this is the "death" whine. I noticed this noise a few months ago. Not sure how long it's been there. These detrimental turbo threads have caused me to listen!
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    Whistling noise at idle?

    Not sure how long it's been making this sound. I hear a faint high pitch noise only at idle. Is this normal?
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    Winter Fuel and Oil ?

    What should I expect in mpg loss for winter fuel? Also, what would be the potential issues with using wrong type of oil for an extended period of time, 10k miles? Recently serviced my car and invoice showed correct oil, but sticker on windshield showed 5w-40.
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    Low Beam bulb out

    My bulb warning light is on and driver side low beam isn't working. Checked bulb and fuses and looks good. Has anyone had a similar issue?
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    Recommendations on RPM's and turbo boost during daily commute

    I have about 3400 miles now and during the first 1000 miles, I kept the rpm's under 3000 as most have suggested. I'm now using the full range of turbo boost. How often should I go above 4000 daily? I have at least 6 cold starts a day, however, "cold" starts are relative here in Louisiana! My...
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    Opinions on replacement tire

    Looking to replace 18" Hankooks. Any recommendations and why? Tired of noise
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    Buying from one dealer and servicing at another

    I'm assuming that I could bring my car to any dealer to get service regardless of where I buy. Any experience on this?
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    Financing questions

    What rates are you guys getting and where? I saw some posts where some people were getting 1.9% through VWOA for TDI's. I read the fine print and it said TDI's excluded. Expecting my TDI SEL in a few more weeks. Thanks Jared
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    Monster Mats vs Weathertech

    Can anyone give opinions on each? I currently have weathertech on my suv and was wondering how they compare to monster mats and cargo liner. No complaints here with weathertech. Thanks, Jared