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    cracked block or head?

    thanks for everyones input, ski nc, you were right, the gauge was fualty, compression was good, fuel pump lost prime, got it running yesturday. thanks to all......
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    cracked block or head?

    i drained the radiator, and also pulled a couple of the hoses that connect to the head next to # 4 cylinder. i thought for sure i would be ok, but now it wont start. not sure whay tester would work on 1 and 2, then leak on 3 and 4. but i will test again tomorrow, they di build to 450psi, then...
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    cracked block or head?

    ok, so i bought this car that i prolly never should have(hind sights always 20/20)...its a 2003 jetta tdi, the coolant was filled with water only, i found this out when i got home. i live in colorado, also for some reason the heater core was bypassed (worry bout that later) i drained all...
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    lost rim center cap

    thanks, didnt realize they had them.....
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    lost rim center cap

    as stated, i recently lost one of my rim centercaps with the vw logo. this is for a 2004 vw jetta. anyone know where i can find a replacement....
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    5spd swap or trade for car with 5spd?

    good post, i sure a lot people have come to this crossroads, lets know how it turns out...
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    steering wheel vibration at high speed

    i think rotating the tires would have ruled this out, but will double thanks.
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    Odds of breaking a ceramic glowplug

    depends on what kind of work you've before on your car, i replaced mine no big deal. i think there is a tread on it even. anyway just spray some penetrating oil on them a couple hrs before removal. they are just like taking out spark plugs, just make sure once you break them loose unscrew them...
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    250+ hp Build thread

    very cool tread will be following
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    Hey Everyone - Couple Quick Questions

    if you are serious about the car, and the owner is a friend(or not), find a guru mechanic in your area and have it looked at. there is tread for qualified mechanics on here, hopefully one close by you.goodluck
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    Dieseland in Colorado worth trip to repair

    good story, especially because i am a colo. local, and have sent friends to ANUT, always with good results.big bump
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    steering wheel vibration at high speed

    thanks for the input guys, she's at 100k right now. will test your ideas thanks.
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    steering wheel vibration at high speed

    this is a 04 jetta auto, i only get vibiration at about 60-80 mph, it seems to lessen after you drive for awhile. also on a side note my brakes pusle sometimes, but the harder i press the less they pulse if not stop all together, so i doubt the rotors are warped, plus it doesnt happen that...
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    Cluster burnout?

    this happened to me as well, while i was on vacation in chicago, during the heat wave(100% humidity, 113 in the shade). my time, shift, od display all went out, they kept cycling lines 0's &1's. for 3 days finally on my way home (colorado) it returned to normal. was quite a scare being on...
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    psi power box

    yes i know a tune is much better overall, and am very familiar with most tuning boxes and how they fool the ecu vs. proper programing, but for $60, i really think its a great start, and would recomend it to anyone that can get one for good price...i will get a tune when budget allows, and pass...