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    Need advice on HPFP failure

    I agree with Matt927 I have also avoided fueling when the delivery truck is re-stocking the diesel tank(s). A friend of mine, who was a delivery driver in the past, told me that if there is crud in the storage tank, it gets churned up when new fuel is added. He said try to wait about 1/2 hr...
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    Need advice on HPFP failure

    Mine blew out @ 28K miles. It was a 1st gen Bosch pump (car built in August 2008). The dealer was very cooperative - they asked me if gasoline had ever been put in the tank; I told them no way, I always bought fuel from a national distributor (Shell, Chevron, Valero) and I added 4 oz PS Diesel...
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    FS 2009 Sportwagen TDI Austin TX

    bump - lower asking price - still has less than 50K miles!
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    FS 2009 Sportwagen TDI Austin TX

    I can take the VCDS cable, extra wheels+tires, and bike rack off the table (cover, hitch, and warranty will still be included). Make a reasonable offer!
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    Best speed for MPG?

    My TDI is a manual 6, almost an apples-to-oranges ocmparison, but I have learned two things: 1) below 1800 RPM I'm losing efficiency (the engine reaches max torque @ about 1800) 2) when I keep it in gear, and lift off the accelerator to coast downhill, the fuel stops flowing. This results in...
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    FS 2009 Sportwagen TDI Austin TX

    In my original post I neglected to mention that it has more than 50,000 miles left on it's extended warranty from VW
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    Successful trip from Portland to San Antonio and back

    yeah good question - I have no idea where to find B100 in West Texas - I only know of 2 places to get it in Austin! They're not that Bio-Friendly up in Big Oil Country
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    Lexus hates diesel so much they spread lies

    Don't forget Jeep! The '07/'08 Grand Cherokee w/Merc OM642 V6, now again in 2013 with a VM Motori V6, also the Liberty had a diesel option but I digress... My Mom is on her 3rd RX 400h - she has spent sooo much on tires and shocks (all the extra weight) and gets about the same HWY MPG as my...
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    A Cetane question to Big Oil

    My understanding is that about 2% bio diesel added to D2 should provide sufficient lubricity, and since we are getting "up to" 5% BD blended into our fuel in Travis County, it should be OK. Am I wrong about that? The only additive I use is Power Service (silver bottle). I have been using it...
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    2009 Jetta Sportwagen for sale
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    2009 Jetta Sportwagen for sale - Borbet LV5 17" anthracite wheels, Conti DSW Extreme tires, less than 10,000 miles of use
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    2009 Jetta Sportwagen for sale