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    This is power steering correct?

    Remember the MINI I had used the same newer full synthetic, it had an electric pump. It seems with much more $$$ systems components, manufacturers have started using more $$$ fluids to hopefully extend the components life and reliability. Remember reman ps pump on the mini was $1500+ before a...
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    14 Passat Key Fob battery replacement

    Know on my '15 it still works after a key fob battery change....are you SURE the battery was both good and inserted correctly?
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    Got the high flow cat you understand why emissions systems created a QOL improvement (both gas and diesel) not just for the environment but other drivers....think of the poor soul behind you....I get behind a car running without a cat that is not running perfectly and usually can smell it 5-6 cars length...
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    2009 JSW just won’t stay aligned. Feels like driving in grooves.

    Remember had a set of Michelin tires on a Hyundai Tiburon back in 99 that felt like this anytime on a certain section of the Mass turnpike (i-90) and parts of I-495 and I-84 that had a specific groves in the's was a nightmare....but perfect elsewhere. Once the tires wore to a...
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    This is power steering correct?

    +1 Same stuff as most BMW/MINI cars... I consider it the price of admission. It's good stuff and unlike ATF or conventional PS fluid, it doesn't really need to be changed/flushed to extend components life. Guess if you have a leak and believe it cheaper to add fluid than fix, the logic doesn't...
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    Help! Hurricane Ian flooded my ‘15TDI!!

    Just run away...take the $$.. Buy can be replaced....there are others that are available.... especially with the $$$ of diesel fuel.... seriously. Every flood car I have ever heard of was GREAT at one point...then went downhill as a year or more after it was on the road as...
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    Running on oil without conversion

    Diesel is similar to jet fuel in that it takes a lot of HEAT to ignite, so unlike gasoline, an explosive reaction is unlikely, heck know with jet fuel a lit cigarette can be dropped into a bucket of it, and it will go out, so I would expect diesel is similar as other than sulfur, it's almost...
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    Running on oil without conversion

    At 600+miles a tank, more when going slow.. ...not so sure you will need to worry about waiting in lines to fill up...I hate to let my tank sit at less than 1/2 (condensation and possible emergency perhaps) and that should, especially at typical evacuation speeds...say 40 mph, be 400+...
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    DPF Replaced Four Times

    Any chance you have checked the compression and fuel injectors? Know in heavier trucks, issues with either can result in excessive combustion byproducts, resulting is DPF just swapping a part usually results in a string of failures till the cause Is fixed.
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    Diesel Particulate Filter

    Suggest if it is covered and under warranty you (for now) just bring it into the dealership, verify it's still under warranty and let them plug away at it. There are also verbage that you get a rental car while car gets warranty work, etc, so learn about the warranty. Many dealers will try to...
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    alternator dealer or after market

    With electrical items you get EXACTLY what you pay for.... Just like with bearings... A cheap lifetime unit is a lifetime of cheap short lived replacements... BUT you might be able to find the same brand aftermarket.... Just IMHO avoid most any Chinese made "lifetime" unit sold at the local auto...
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    Brake caliper sticking - need help!

    Hate to say pushing the dirty fluid from inside the calipers back up the lines is bad....but it is.... hopefully you will still be bleed it after a pad slap....if you loosen the line, making a leak at the caliper...then compress it....then tighten the fitting can save yourself lots...
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    Diesel pouring out of the fill cap after fueling

    Foam is air... compresses...take off the hose pushing fuel expands, even assuming the tank is 100% ridged, which it isn't...sure tank is vented, but compared to the volume going in...
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    Diesel pouring out of the fill cap after fueling

    Just a guess... But a faulty shutoff with the stations pump caused the tank to overfill, made the tank bulge a took out the filling nozzle, the tank started to contract a bit (oil canning is the typical type of flexing of large flat sections of metal or plastic), pushing out your...
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    BEW Tuned/Deleted and lost 5mpg?

    "If anything, I'm on the pedal less since it accelerates so much quicker." A wise man once said it much more fun to drive an underpowered car hard than a powerful car gently. Guessing part of the issue is you are still accelerating quicker than you were...use more power to accelerate, you are...