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    Fuel Pump Relay location???

    Searched similar issues. No power to the fuel pump, 12v into the fuel pump relay, no 12v out. Examine the relay if it’s discolored, it got cooked. That’s why the relay is there
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    2000 Jetta ALH cranks but no start

    Tried a used relay, $2, salvage yard, closest option, no start. Cracked an injector line, no fuel. Cleaned the bug of tools to access the fuel pump, not making any sound with ignition engaged. Is a salvaged pump a waste of time (fast, cheap, gets me on the road) or any luck with the kermaTDI...
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    2000 Jetta ALH cranks but no start

    Same issue with a 2002 tdi manual bug.. think it’s a relay, cooked fuel pump relay ??
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    '00 Beetle TDIsore

    BeetleBeast BeetleBeast BeetleBeast Got my 2002 green beetlebeast @ 217k..fresh Tb job, sans reman water pump(?)$200
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    15 years on tdiclub

    c Clean 375k, a few different silvers, hit a doe in spring, had the hood pulled, not bad. Want to fabricate some gnarly toothy rebar grille
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    The 2002 green bug got towed over the river and to the shop 5.5mi, running rough. I was on a dirt road and scraped, let the tank get to E. Shop is busy and can’t look at it until next week. My friend and tree guy settled up with rent. I guess that’s spent. No codes, hopefully fuel filter and not TB.
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    My golf jumped timing

    Same, ran rough, loud, then eased in, stutter @ 1800rpm in a 2002 216k bug, I’m a new owner. Ran her down to E light, could be fuel filter, trans fluid, could be the belt. Gitr towed tomorrow morning
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Had the golf detailed, clay barred, 2x sealer and wax. Looking good *utilitarian imperfect. Passed 375k. Getting 49.7mpg *if I drive normal, 45mpg speed racer with the Malone 1.5
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    Malone or Kerma tune?

    I liked the RC2+ but pleased with the Malone 1.5 on a 375k vwv alh. 50mpg calm, 45mpg mad max
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    Stolen Jetta

    feeling with you. I service gps systems, I jump and check. Mostly construction sites, I don’t carry a gun. I should carry. But getting a car stolen and a gun...
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    15 years on tdiclub

    Thanks. Bigger injectors, Malone 1.5, lift the bug. Getting them washed and clay barred. Clean light tuned utilitarian tdi’s
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    Triad (NC) area meetups??

    Work always has me traveling to FQ, 2dr silver tdi ?
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    wtb 98-05(?) new beetle passenger headlight lense

    wtb 98-05(?) new beetle passenger headlight lense. Will also consider a complete headlight or complete set.
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    WVVW West Virginia VW gtg. Trying to get the ball rolling. I’m heading from north central NC. Would like to gather at a state park. Come on Ohio, Tennessee, North Carolina, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Kentucky!