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    Feel like a idiot. I just needed to hit save and then go back to scan. Thanks for your input anyway.
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    Having some issues trying to get my micro can to scan my 2014 passat tdi. Its second hand that I bought a few years ago and never had a problem until now. Its been updated to version 22.3.1. and I have redownload it several times. It asked me to test and i go threw the processes but says k1...
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    2013 Passat Driver's Side Heat blend door servo replacement

    How hard is it to replace the v426 servo motor? My 2014 passat tdi sel stopped blowing cool air in the middle vents a few months back. I took it to vw hoping to was just another heater core. They said the v426 front air distribution door is jammed and all distribution air flaps are stuck facing...
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    A/c fan on high (vibration)

    Running into a little issue this week. With the temperature in the upper 90s an lower 100s I've been running my a/c constantly. This week is seems like my fans have been working extra hard and not normal,they seem to be running too high and causing a slight vibration in my steering wheel/...
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    rns 510 install... now car wont start

    I got the older rns510 working for a few weeks now. The original rns510 from the passat would work when it wanted to. Sometimes turning on and playing like normal and then going weeks without powering on. It also had a CD error so it didnt play CD. So sometimes it would power on but the screen...
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    rns 510 install... now car wont start

    Other then the cd player what would features would i lose going with the rcd 330? Thanks for the input.
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    rns 510 install... now car wont start

    Fixed the no start issue, somehow I killed the battery. Still not getting any sound out of the rns 510, also no reverse camera.
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    rns 510 install... now car wont start

    So the rns 510 in my 2014 passat tdi sel works when it wants to. Sometimes not coming for weeks. two days ago i found a guy selling a rns 510 out of his 2010 jetta sports wagon. i got the pin and installed it two days ago. The main problem i was getting is that it did not have sound. So i looked...
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    rns 520 issues

    RNS 510 issues I'M having issue with my rns 510 in my 2014 passat tdi sel. When i bought it in July i knew it had a cd/dvd error where it would not play cds but everything else worked fine. I mainly use blue tooth from my phone anyway. I few days ago the radio would not power on. The next day...
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    bad fuel economy 2006 jetta tdi

    Ive checked tire pressure, the timing belt was replaced around 80k. I have not checked the cam or lifter.
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    bad fuel economy 2006 jetta tdi

    I do mostly mixed driving 60 city /40 hw. I usually fill around 14.gallons I've seen 14.5 once since ive owned it.I thought the tank size was 14.5 gallons (the same size as my 13).I ve look on fuelly and seen other with way better fuel range then me even with city driving. The longest trip I've...
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    bad fuel economy 2006 jetta tdi

    In march i bought a used 2006 jetta tdi with 136k (5 speed)to replace my 2013 tdi jetta that i sold back to vw. After the first full tank of gas, the gas light turned on around 440 miles. Fast forwards to august and it went down to around 380 miles before the gas light turned on. I replaced the...
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    FS: VCDS Micro-CAN - $150

    Does this come with any software? I have a 2006 jetta tdi.
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    Austin/ round rock vagcom

    Just bought a 2006 jetta tdi and noticed that it had an aux input in the glove compartment but it doesn't work. From the research i've done, people are saying that it needs to be reset using vagcom. Would anyone in the round rock/ austin are be willing to help? thanks
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    Received final offer- lender/amount received way off

    Just spoke with a VW rep again this morning about the issue. She talked with her supervisor and they are now going fix the issue and send me a new offer letter "very soon" with the correct amount. Hopefully "soon " isn't weeks.