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    Tischspiegel-->EDC17 Standalone controller!

    so maybe i'm being thick, but this would allow me to put a CR engine into an MK2 with fairly minimal headache?
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    Stopped by MOE

    I hope they bust lifted pickups that blow coal too
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    For Visitors to Our Area (repost)

    Last fall, we did this trip with my Passat. Labrador was kinda dull. Big parts of the road are still gravel, so you've got the be a bit careful. We were a minority - using a car on the road is fine, but most are in pickups or trucks. Happy Valley-Goose Bay was pretty dull - not much to do and...
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    Solid rear LCA bushings?

    I'm not sure how prone to failure they are. I've spoken to a bunch of owners and VW techs up here who haven't heard of an issue, but they can't really argue with my pics.
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    Solid rear LCA bushings?

    So far, yeah. I feel the steering is a touch more direct and the ride isn't any better or worse than before. My next step will be doing something with the shocks
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    Easy way to delete most of the pics?

    Trying to clean up old stuff off the net, Dave ;)
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    Front lower a-arm bushings

    Don't need to drop the subframe to get them out, but you do need to drop it to get them back in
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    Vibration from front end at highway speeds

    I've now done about 700 kms in the car and i can confirm that my vibration is gone! I'd suggest that the OP gives this a try.
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    Solid rear LCA bushings?

    will do, but i haven't heard it recently. They were replaced 40k ago (kms)
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    Easy way to delete most of the pics?

    I'd like to clear out a whole bunch of pics that are currently stored on the tdiclub server. I know how to do it 1 by 1, but is there a way to do a batch? Thanks
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    Vibration from front end at highway speeds

    Here are the pics. I couldn't see the torn bushing with the arm in the car due to a fairly deep pocket on the subframe (unlike the MK4s). A quick roadtest showed no vibration, but i'll report back after i've done 1000 kms or so. I'm pretty shocked that the bushing is that bad after only 100k...
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    Solid rear LCA bushings?

    Not surprisingly, oilhammer was right - i had to lower the subframe in order to get the arms back in. Unfortunately, this screwed up my alignment - i'll have to get that redone before i chew up my tires. A quick roadtest up to 90 kph showed that my vibration was gone. I also feel like the...
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