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    Cluster pin-out

    It's supposed to be working, maybe you did à mistake?
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    Cluster pin-out

    Hi, you're probablement using a TD cluster that's driven by the W signal on the aternator, you need à TDI or 2.0 cluster
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    OEM wheel database now has 120 rims!

    Myturbodiesel and 4130 not working now...
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    MK3 / B4 / MK5-6, B6 TDI parts, complete engine, pistons, clutch

    I'm located in Sherbrooke, Qc, Canada (near from Derby Line, VT). All prices are $CAD I'm selling my house and I'm getting too much stuff here... 2014 CJAA CP4 pump: $350 MK6 waqon rear trunk, silver: $200 MK6 wagon rear doors, complete: $100/2 MK6 GSW ABS module: $50 MK3 Jetta doors: $40...
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    Wanted: gtb2260vk / vzk parts

    Hi, I'm needing 2 parts to finish my friend's gtb2260vk set-up. The nozzle ring (vnt vanes) The ring on the hotside (between the chra and exhaust manifold) If someone has a gtb2260vk for parts tell me. It's a little rush! Thanks
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    WANTED: Bosio race 683 nozzles to fit v6 tdi engines

    Where did you buy your Firad??? I'm needing those now!
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    The most powerful 2.5tdi V6

    CPC should reply to their message, it's a real joke... Is Firad making nozzles for these V6?
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    Conversion automatique à manuelle -2003 Jetta TDI

    Dépend. Si tu mets un kit de clutch neuf single mass ça shifye vite
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    Un mystérieux problème...

    Been there, vu plusieurs fois... on dirait que certaines batch de mauvais fuel ont scrappé les injecteurs et même quelques pompes cette année. Même vu des cas sur des CR cette année...
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    Conversion automatique à manuelle -2003 Jetta TDI

    Je dois en avoir fait 15 ou 16... pu certain. Bref, PM moi si t'as besoin d'infos
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    A4 B6 TDI PD150 6spd part-out

    No... I won't part-out the engine! It's a complete working set-up.
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    A4 B6 TDI PD150 6spd part-out

    No sorry. Whole engine set-up may be separated to put into a mk3/mk4 but not some parts