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    Ideas on accessories for NMS Passat

    Weathertech mats or monster mats? Make sure to get NMS fit, not B7 as your car isn't a B7. Not sure if the mat sizes are different though.
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    oil change time. should i go cheaper this time?

    10k is the interval you should stick with.
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    Drove a cayenne diesel and Q5

    Maybe wait on the X1 as well. Man, those look good.
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    Avg. 20 mpg!

    There are some that have put in remote starts I think. I'm not 100% certain though. Most don't bother though since it does nothing positive really.
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    Best Mileage Yet!/Accurate Mileage Predictor?

    ^^^^^ That's how :) Numerous people have went well below DTE and have filled to the brim. There is definitely more than 14.5 in it.
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    Best Mileage Yet!/Accurate Mileage Predictor?

    Yes, it would have made it home, no question. The fuelly thing is from
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    liqui moly 5w-40 top tec 4100

    Great vid, Bob!
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    MFD MPG not really accurate??!!

    I believe this can be adjusted via VCDS. I turned my MPG gauge off though instead.
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    Opti-Lube Group Buy - Free shipping on gallons

    Yea, at least read through the thread before bagging on it. Or......just don't say anything at all?
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    Butt Ugly Cars

    Come again?? ;)
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    BICYCLE CARRIERS/RACKS for bicycles with fenders

    I will own one of those bikes soon. Thanks a lot for spending my money ;) they are really nice. Love the vintage feel! Also, "Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race." H. G. Wells :)
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    Amsoil In this Thread only

    Don't know them all for 507 but the main one is sulfated ash needs to be .6 or lower and must be 5w-30.
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    Amsoil In this Thread only

    Yep, it's there.
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    Amsoil In this Thread only

    Getting "certified" costs extra money. Meeting the specification does not. It's that simple. If you trust what Amsoil says, it is fine for use. If you don't, it's not.
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    40,000 mile service = $650???

    While I agree and do my own maintenance, I can understand that not everyone wants to.